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Bookmarking Demon - Dont Buy Until You Read This Review!

Updated on June 6, 2011
Bookmarking Demon Program - Preview
Bookmarking Demon Program - Preview | Source

Bookmarking Demon Review

Tired of signing up for bookmarking sites, filling out the same information over and over again, filling out Captcha after Captcha? Bookmarking Demon is an Internet marketing software that helps you create quality backlinks by submitting your site to bookmarking sites, all in one click!

Backlinking is one of the most important strategies in SEO campaigns. It generates massive quality traffic to your site (also often translating to huge profits!). Oftentimes, though, backlinking alone takes up so much time that it takes a long while before you get to reap the benefits of your web marketing campaign.

I purchased Bookmarking Demon as a way to minimize the time that I spend bookmarking links on my site, especially since I have a ton of other tasks to work on in my SEO campaign. One thing I can say for sure is that this program is GENIUS! The user interface is so clean and intuitive, you immediately know what to do with it once you're there.

Here are some of Bookmarking Demon's note-worthy features that I think people should definitely know about:

  1. It can automatically create multiple accounts at 100 different bookmarking sites.
  2. Bookmarking Demon comes with a scheduler so that you can set which days to drop bookmarks on, and which sites to add them to.
  3. Helps you come up with meta tags and descriptions through its Description Randomization feature.
  4. It bookmarks your URLs automatically (from your homepage down to your 999th page!)
  5. Web Crawler filter helps exclude pages that you don't want to be bookmarked.
  6. You can bookmark RSS feeds.
  7. Lets you set the rate at which you post bookmarks, to simulate a more "human" interaction with the bookmarking sites (this will also prevent you from getting banned for posting URLs too often)
  8. In the event that you do get banned, you can enter proxy IP addresses to get around that.

Bookmarking sites are so valuable since they are high ranking and receive a lot of web traffic. Spending $147 on Bookmark Demon is definitely a great investment since the returns of this backlinking initiative is really worth so much more!

Unlike other internet marketing programs that I purchased in the past, Bookmarking Demon is a joy to use, since the interface is so simple and easy to understand. Besides, if you ever feel the need to read up on how to operate its features, there is a Bookmarking Demon Review site that documents updates, bug fixes, tips and how-tos on their site to help those who are new to the program.

Of course, Bookmarking Demon is just part of an even broader web marketing strategy, so you can't expect your site to make you huge profits and generate massive traffic for you by just using this program alone. I'm currently using Bookmarking Demon alongside Market Samurai and Miracle Traffic Bot. I've just started but the results are definitely starting to pick up real fast.

What other internet marketing tools do you use for your campaign?


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