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Boost Your Freelancing Mojo

Updated on November 27, 2015

Boost Your Freelancing Mojo With These Five Quick Tips

Realistic Time Frames
When bidding on a job, a freelancer should check the amount of time it involves and bid accordingly, nothing worse than falling behind schedule and risk poor feedback from the employer.

Clear and accurate communication is paramount from start to finish, remember a Freelancer, and an Employer can not read each others minds. Both sides should be prepared to question the job requirements in detail, try to get as much in writing as possible in case there is a misunderstanding, or worse yet a dispute resolution.

As a freelance worker, the success or failure of a project rests with you. Being your own boss you must be self motivated and disciplined to keep on track.

Personal Website
Having a freelance website is a must these days, make sure yours looks professional, says what your about, and sells your services.

Be Polite.
Being courteous will make you stand out, remembering to say your pleases and thank you's often, and to follow up after the job is complete is always a good idea.

Get Testimonials
An endorsement from a past or current client is a powerful selling tool, this is an invaluable way to market oneself and become an Uber Freelancer.


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