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Boosting Your Sales With Google Adwords

Updated on June 19, 2013

The online marketing arena gets tougher every day. Almost everybody is into SEO, whether it be selling it, using it or selling lessons about using it. The reason for this is because it is usually free – and as such, when something useful is free a market tends to become saturated, which is what has happened here. So what is the alternative? If you run a website which you make money from, such as an ecommerce site, you should definitely be taking a look at utilizing PPC (or Pay Per Click). PPC can completely turn your business or sales around, and within a very short time too? Why? Because you often get what you pay for, right?

PPC and advertising with Google is by far and away the most effective strategy – if done right. What I mean by this is that if your PPC is done correctly (which does take some time and expertise), then the results are literally limitless. The reason why Google Adwords is so effective is because if you Google a query right now, the first result to appear on the page is a highly targeted advert – AT THE TOP OF THE SEARCH RESULTS. Do you understand what this means? Many people invested hours, days, months and even years into SEO, in order to get their site to the top of the rankings. With Google Adwords SEO is blown away – you can rank above the top sites (which may even be behemoths like Amazon) in a couple of hours, for a very modest fee!

But wait! Before you jump straight in and start throwing money away on ads, there is one thing you should know. PPC is exactly straightforward. In order to get the best price, targeted keywords and most exposure, there is a steep learning curve. Many top companies put their best guys on learning PPC – and fail. This is the reason why you should definitely consult a PPC expert/consulting firm. What they can do is guide you towards making the best decisions, and spending the right amount of money.

Why do I need to pay a consulting firm, you ask? Well, look at it this way. Because PPC is so effective, many major companies around the world actually use it themselves, even though they may have a major presence. Now, what this does is affect the price of certain keywords (you’ll have to bid a price per click). Because these huge companies have almost unlimited marketing budgets, they can afford to bid the word ‘television’ up to ridiculous amounts and jump straight to first place. As such, it is pointless and impossible to compete with these, so what a PPC expert can do is find cheaper, but just as good keywords for you to use, and without the competition you can just reap the benefits without any worries.

All in all, PPC is quite probably the most effective marketing strategy of all time – if done right. Be sure to check it out, and use it to increase your ecommerce sales!


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