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Borders Job Application

Updated on June 27, 2011

.Employment with Borders is a major step in securing successful employment. Many people who start with the company eventual become successful managers or supervisors. As a job seeker you will be happy to know that this kind of career advancement happens relatively quickly. Before you start you will need an overview of how to successful start a career with Sears. Such an overview will provide you with in depth info that will prepare you for the job process. If Borders employment appeals you to, then read on for information on to get started. Before you know it, you will find yourself happily employed.

Start in the Borders application process by either visiting you local Borders location or by logging on their site. You can apply online by going to Once accessed, click on the tab entitled job opportunities. From here you will need to enter your location and desired job position. Upon entering this information you will be presented with a list of positions near you. If any of these positions interest you, click on them to start the application process. Carefully fill in each blank, avoiding silly spelling and grammar errors. After submitting the Borders application, it will remain on file for 6 months.

Weigh the pros and cons of applying online and applying in person. Pros of applying to Borders online are convenience and simplicity. Cons include not being able to meet manager when you submit the application and knowledge of computer use. Pros of applying person include being able to meet your possible future employer. Cons include having to drive down to the store. In the end it is completely up to you. Both application processes are just as effective.

Consider which positions Borders hires for. Borders hires cashiers, backroom stockers, janitors, customer service representative, and more. The position you choose should be based on your interests and strengths. You should also consider choosing your position based on your past experience. Relevant experience will look great on your Borders application.

Fill in your Borders application while avoiding grammar errors, spelling errors, incorrect information, etc. This is more important than you may think. An application riddled with errors may be instant grounds for denying you of an interview.

Be careful when filling out the company's "hours of availability" section. Never enter hours or days you won't be able to show up to every day. Other sections you should be careful with include the references section. Only add references from school or past jobs.

Know Borders' benefits program. The company's benefits include medical, 401k, paid vacation, and more. Additional benefit details can be seen on

In the best case scenario Borders will hire you and you will start a career with them. If you do not get the job, don't worry. Turn in a Borders application to another location. The store has many locations, you can apply to as many as you like. To find additional Borders locations near you, use the stores location finder ( The finder will bring up a list of every Borders store within a certain proximity to you.

I hope this has helped you with the Borders job application.


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