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Boycott Verizon!

Updated on January 25, 2013
Let's bring back customer service!
Let's bring back customer service!

Customer Service is important

Recently, I had a problem with Verizon Wireless. It was a simple situation and I needed them to help me out. It started with me upgrading my daughter's phone. I had to do it over the phone. I needed to pay my bill before the upgrade. I had already made an arrangement to pay them. So I asked the person on the phone if my phone payment would cancel my payment arrangement and he said yes.

A few days later I checked and my account had been debited twice. The first time I called I was told that my request for refund would be considered. I called a couple of days later and got a woman who was rude and cut me off several times.

Verizon is one of the most expensive wireless carriers in the country. Many of my friends have left the company because of its customer service practices. I spoke to one woman, recently, who was angry because Verizon had overcharged her on a phone bill and she spent days on the phone with them trying to get her money back. Another friend of mine is leaving the company because the overcharged her for Internet.

Customer service in big companies has gone by the wayside. When you call them you have to fight through their automated systems and then when you get a person, they are either ride or incompetent. Customers need to fight to bring back good service. we can only do so by letting companies know that we are watching and will hold them accountable fort their service policies.

I understand that businesses have policies, but they don't have to be rude or inconsiderate when dealing with customers. What do you think?

Should big companies be held to a higher customer service standard?

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