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Branded Envelopes: What are the Benefits?

Updated on April 24, 2012


Communication is critical in all human ventures, whether in business or in social settings. Huge amounts of resources are usually dedicated to ensuring that a business not only communicates the right message, but that the communication process is highly effective. However, in an increasingly connected world, the average person gets bombarded by thousands of information sources and they are focused to filter out the information that they do not deem as important.

This information filtration process is not always accurate, and most people end up disregarding information that may be vital to them. It is thus important to consider the type of channel that you use to carry your message.

When using mail as a means of communication, a branded envelope can make a huge difference.

The branding can be a company logo or a family crest that communicates the origin of the letter to the recipient even before they view the contents of the letter. Branded envelopes offer many benefits. They help in marketing the brand, make the letter stand out from other letters, and create a professional impression of your business on the recipient.

Brand Marketing

An envelope gets handled by many people before it reaches its destination. It offers you the chance to communicate your brand -- and what the brand stands for -- to the people who handle the letter before it reaches the recipient.

This not only exposes the brand, but it tells people what the brand is all about. Additionally, durable envelopes, such as clasp envelopes, are likely to be reused. Branding the envelope thus makes it carry the brand name wherever it goes and it markets the brand even after the primary purpose of the envelope has been achieved.

A plain envelope, despite being a cheaper option when compared to the branded envelope, doesn't serve to expose your brand since the communication is limited to the sender and the recipient only.

Distinctive Communication

Just as the subject line in a letter is important, envelope branding enhances the communication process. Most people do not have the time to go through the piles of letters that they receive on a daily basis. Only the letters that are seen to be important are read on reception and all the others are either ignored or relegated to a pile to be read later. With a branded envelope, the recipient gets to know of the origin of the letter and they can thus make a good judgment about the contents of the envelope. This helps to save time for the recipient and makes for better communication.

Moreover, branded envelopes reduce the chances that letters will get lost if they find their way into the wrong mailbox.

The presence of sender information on the letter makes it easier to return the letter to the sender in a fast and an efficient way, without breaching the privacy of neither the recipient nor the sender, as it is not necessary to open the letter to learn of its origins.

Image Management

A carefully designed envelope does more than create visual appeal: it creates a professional image of you or your business. Branded envelopes also add authenticity to the communication and they are as important as the letterhead. Branding provides a way of telling your recipients that you care about how your business is perceived. It also adds a personalized touch to the mail, bolstering the sender-recipient relationship.

A carefully branded letter will make the recipient feel privileged, as it shows how much thought you have put into your effort to send a message to them. As an example, when bidding for a tender, the proposal is judged by its presentation even before the panel opens the letter.

Untidy scribbling on the envelope is inexcusable and may ruin your professional image.

Examples of Printed Envelopes
Examples of Printed Envelopes


Branding can be done on a variety of envelopes. These envelopes come in different sizes and different paperweights, and your choice of a branded envelope depends on the need that you have. Whatever needs are dictated by your business or social ventures, it is very important that the branding be done using quality printing methods.

Good printing ensures that the resolution is appropriate and that colours are reproduced faithfully and in the exact hues as intended. The printed material also needs to be consistently placed on the desired part of the envelope's surface.

When choosing a service to brand your envelopes, ensure that you choose a service that can handle printing orders fast, to ensure continuity of business communications.


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 

      7 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Useful ideas for businesses and homes too! The branded envelopes look so classy and professional!

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 

      7 years ago from Pune, India

      Great Hub. It is useful for every businessman. Thank you for sharing it.


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