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Branding An Ecological Business – Appropriate Brand Design for an Oil Spill Control Company

Updated on May 14, 2013
Murrenhil Corporation Brochure.
Murrenhil Corporation Brochure. | Source

Murrenhil Corporation is an ecological business founded from a passion for protecting the planet’s water from the devastating effects of oil spills. Established in 2008, the company created the ROC (Rapid Oil Containment) system which boasts the accolade of being the world’s fastest first response system to contain an oil spillage.

Murrenhil Corporation wanted to promote their product to all American marinas as a must-have contingency product. They knew a big, powerful brand design was critical and that it needed to give a sense of ecological harmony, and to send out the message that the company comprised professional experts in the field of oil spill containment.

Hiring a Brand Development Company

Murrenhill Corporation chose New Design Group from Toronto as their brand development specialists. They had been particularly impressed with the company’s portfolio and believed these experts had the capability to design the right brand to communicate the company’s fundamental message of protecting the environment from oil spillages. New Design Group was honoured to take on the project. They loved the infectious enthusiasm of Merrenhil Corporation and fully believed in the product and company’s green objectives.

This project certainly had all the hallmarks of being a successful partnership right from the start. In fact Glenn Murray, President of Murrenhill Corporation recalls, “I think New Design Group saw our vision a little more clearly than even we did!”

The Brief

As the fundamental first step in the development of a sustainable brand identity, New Design Group needed to understand the objectives of the company and the products it was offering. The ROC system is simple – a film laminate is packed into a small canister, about 20 inches long. In the event of an oil spill, it can be rapidly deployed from a small boat to encircle and contain the spill. Furthermore the chemical composition of the film means it attracts oil but not water, so it retains its buoyancy.

The Design Process

New Design Group considered the unique nature of the company’s products and designed several options for the following elements:

Company Logo – the eye-catching Murrenhil Corporation logo chosen by the client is dominated by a large ‘M’ in aquatic-inspired blues and greens. It is underscored with a green wave suggestive of the ocean waves. The overall look is gentle, calm and its simplicity means it is highly memorable.

Murrenhil Corporation Logo
Murrenhil Corporation Logo

Product Logo – one of the key objectives of the design process was to harmonize the product logo with that of the company. The key element used to achieve this was by the application of the same aquatic blues and greens in the design. The ROC logo is inspired by an octopus – one of the many types of marine animals destined to be protected by this product. But it can also be seen to represent the circular film laminate containing an oil spill on top of the waves of the ocean. This logo is simple, colorful, and representative of marine life and will certainly last a long time in the memory.

Website – the website banner on the homepage is so good it appears on every page! On first viewing, its sleek and professional look confirms that this is a company to trust. Modern, corporate elements such as the logo, dark blue and dramatic green swirling lines seen on the left hand side further reiterate this. But this corporate feel is softened as the whole image changes towards the right: the calm surface of a lake emerges and provides a backdrop to three evocative photos of water and fish.

When promoting a product that at first might be hard to imagine in practice, images will always speak louder than words. That’s why New Design Group assisted Murrenhil Corporation in the production of their promotional video by providing photography to support the film. The end result is shown prominently on the website and is also posted on YouTube.

Murrenhil Corporation Website
Murrenhil Corporation Website

Brochure – a presentation folder brochure was chosen by Murrenhil Corporation to offer them great flexibility. The main brochure gives the high level overview of the company and the products. The separate inserts are used to display information liable to change such as prices. Combined together, the inserts fit snugly into the folder resulting in a professional finish. And when information on the inserts changes, they can be reprinted without the expense of having to reprint a whole new brochure.

Murrenhil Corporation Newsletter
Murrenhil Corporation Newsletter

Tradeshow Items – New Design Group prepared designs for tradeshow banners and promotional products. The former are essential at any exhibition to call visitors to the stand; the latter are great giveaways with a dual purpose – the recipient appreciates the gift but when they use their pen or mug in their normal life, other people will see it and so the company gains further exposure.

Staff Uniform – to ensure that the Murrenhil Corporation staff were promoting the company at all times while out and about on a job, branded uniforms were designed clearly showing both the company logo and the product logo.

Murrenhil Corporation Uniforms
Murrenhil Corporation Uniforms

Client Presentation

The final designs were presented to Murrenhil Corporation on storyboards which clearly showed the consistent brand identity across all marketing elements. Without a doubt this is the most effective way for any design company to show the client the end results. Murrenhil Corporation was amazed and delighted with the final designs. And New Design Group was delighted to have successfully equipped an inspirational ecological company with a strong brand to take them forward in their aim to save the planet’s water.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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