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Branding Tips for Your Coffee Company

Updated on November 19, 2018
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Natalia is a business and design student taking care of Marketing at DesignBro. Lover of design, photography and the arts.


The coffee industry

The caffeine industry consists of many players. It is lead by a few multinational brands like Nespresso, Starbucks or Lavazza and followed by plenty of smaller companies operating on a more local market. On such a crowdy playground, it isn't easy for any newcomer. For success, what matters most, of course, is the quality of the product and/or special features.

Perhaps you sell a new type of cold crew or you have a truly remarkable single origin coffee bean supplier from a family owned and centuries-old plantation in Latin America?

If your brand differentiates you among competitors, you are half way there on the road to success. Next step any coffee business needs to take care of is branding. Have a look at the following tips.

1. Make your values your company's values

You, as a human, have a personality and share certain values. As a coffee brand owner, you should give your brand some of those traits. If you personalize your brand, it will become more human and, therefore, more relatable.

Customers like to feel connected to a product they buy. It is difficult to achieve for certain products such as, for example, cleaning supplies or construction material. However, coffee, tea or any other drinks or foods that customers are able to consume, absorb personality of the seller of any other person behind the business.

It all sounds good but how to can you achieve it in practice? Put a picture of yourself on the bag or cup? Not necessarily a good idea. However, are you a very positive and full of energy person? Resemble it with the packaging design!

2. Tell the story

What is the story behind your brand? Every brand has one so don't say that there is nothing interesting to tell. You didn't start your brand out of boredom, did you? Most definitely you put some thought and passion into it or else your business plan is a random game.

Telling your brand's story is very important for similar reasons as giving your brand a personality. It makes the customers feel connected and the company becomes more meaningful. It works a little similar as meeting a person works. You want to know the person's background and story and once you find a relatable aspect, you show higher sympathy.

Of course, you need to tell the story to customers when you try to sell your product. However, that might not be enough. Your story really needs to get out there for the world to hear it. Put it on your website, include on your product's packaging, post about it on social media accounts and publish it in articles for external websites. Possibilities are endless but these options are best for a young business with a limited budget.

3. Stand out on the supermarket shelf

Whenever a customer enters a supermarket, especially a local one with a limited choice, there isn't much difference between the available products. All the packagings look similar, most of them show traditional, 'elegant' and, frankly, boring designs. Since it is difficult to find differences among the available products, customers, usually, end up being driven by price.

The supermarket is used in this article really as a metaphor only. Of course, if you supply your coffee to retails shops, make sure it stands out on that shelf. However, there are plenty of more situations where this advice can be applied to. Think of a cozy street with five cafes. You better make a damn good job to convince people to enter your cafe and not the one next door.

In this pre-sale situation, product quality doesn't play as big of a role as your potential customers have never tried it before. It only matters later for customer loyalty. Hence, try to attract your potential market visually, with well-done brand identity, interior design, etc. This should do the trick.

© 2018 Natalia Raben


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