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Branding YOUR web

Updated on May 27, 2009

Branding YOUR web

The Internet has opened many doors to success for people. Those who are savvy have Learned to work the internet to their advantage. This requires investment on your part. Making sure that you learn the applications that can help you grow your business and more importantly your brand.

Everyone is an expert at something.

You don't have to have a degree or a certificate (although those of course do Boost your credibility) but YOU can be an expert in any field that you posess knowledge of and there are people here on the web looking for your knowledge and Willing to Pay for it!

It is after all, the Age of Information.

One of the most popular business' to be in online right now is that of information. Be it in the form of sharing or offering the top information available on the web. People are always searching for it, always talking about it and constantly expanding their knowlege base.

People have realized that the web can be a portal to learning and gathering information. We bookmark, we digg, we Twitter, we blog about our favorite things. Using these techniques you can begin to brand yourself and your skills online in a very effective and expansive manner.

Knowing How To use the internet gets the word out about you.

Your knowlege is of great value to others. You must be willing to help them learn, or you won't be attracting people to you. Some of your expertise is going to have to be given away. Offering value and solutions that lead them into a deeper following or relationship with you as an expert.

This is fine, we all do this. It helps us to generate interest and show what we know and shows a willingness to help the other person experience success.

There are a few key current factors to help you build your internet presence...

VIDEO is YOUR friend

The Number one way to introduce you and your brand to people is through video. For example, I included here, a video of me introducing my self. This little video runs on my You Tube channel and any other page I can or want to embed it on. You can check it out to see how people meet me and find me.

Video is VIRAL (that means it can be shared) anyone can view the video, copy it (embed) and place it on one of their pages and therefore that is FREE advertising for you. You can also make ONE video and blast it to over 300 video sharing sites on the world wide web and it's not considered duplicate content. Search engines LOVE video.

If you have a page with a video on it, that bares the same name as that page, you will actually rank higher on the search engines. Why? People love video and the search engines know that this is a human preference. To show you search results with video results mixed in is good for the Search Engines business and keeps you a happy user.

Video is so popular because most of us grew up in the age of TV. We are TUBE trained. Humans do tend to be visually stimulated FIRST out of all 5 of our senses. Therefore a video gets our attention the easiest.

With the advent of You Tube it was no wonder many of us clamored over the web to get there. Amatuer videos and real people have been popular since America's Funniest Videos first appeared on Television in the late 80's.

You Tube( and this is just one of several hundred video sharing sites ) is the KING, owned by Google, and has over 200 million eyeballs a day searching and sifting through millions of videos. Everyone is looking for something or someone.

Video also revived the long dead Internet.

The dot com boom died off a few years ago and when Video hit the scene you saw and are still seeing an explosion of new faces and content appearing on the web. The more people on the Internet the better. More opportunity.

With video, how we communicate and interact changed on a global searchable level. To not use video is to miss out on the largest opportunity for generating traffic on the Internet today. (So get a camera, its fun and you will love it!)

The biggest advantage of Video is that people can see you are real.

People like that on occasion you might giggle at your own pun, trip over the few tongue twister words in that last sentence or if you have some pet in the back ground cheesing it up for the camera. This is real. Just like the Funniest Home Videos, you relate to real people whether we are kids crashing our bikes into fences (ouch that had to hurt!) or explaining value based information that can help you with whatever subject you were searching for.

Video opens the door faster on building relationships online. Again, you see I am real and when you meet me on google talk or the phone, it does feel more comfortable. No, its not meeting face to face or interactive like the Jetzon's video phone (YET- coming soon!) however you do feel more at ease when you have watched people moving and talking to you. I noticed this when I talk to people whose videos I watched. The tone and the mood is already set. Its not the first time you have heard them and the next thing you know you are just chatting away like old friends.

I took a call from a powerhouse leader the other day and I love how he started the call, "HI Sweetie, its Jimmy, whats up loved that last video!" I cracked up. I could tell he was on his cell, in traffic on the expressway (bad to drive with Cell phone Jimmy, LOL) and he was so excited to be talking to me.

Have I ever met Jimmy?


Do I know what Jimmy looks and sounds like too? Yep, he has videos. So off we chatted about HOW TO take it to the next level and had a wonderful time.

RhondaKaye Posted a Video Response :)

Eric Walker Posted a Video Response

Video Is Viral

Video's can be shared and embeded on the web like the common flu.

This makes some interesting opportunities arise. Here you will see two videos that my HUBpages and Renegade Professional friends Posted as a Video Response to one of my videos.

This video was a for a test and call to action to other professional marketers.

This was meant to

  1. Create an industry buzz.
  2. Create short, upbeat videos that ALL Members of RU PRO can use on their pages as testimonials. Share,embed, copy. (like a little flu bug :)
  3. Each video is something every member can benefit from with utilizing this form of marketing. In this case, a social and viral buzz.

I have posted the videos here so that you can see the potential for getting your team or friends to do short videos that you can use in your promotional marketing on your pages.

Use POST A VIDEO RESPONSE to spread the word

You Tube has a POST A VIDEO RESPONSE feature.

This is located ABOVE the Post a Text Comment under any video in You Tube.

It is listed first because You Tube would prefer you to make a video response. The more videos in You Tube the better ranking You Tube has with search engines. (Yes- but they are owned by Google- you say, doesn't matter You Tube still has to play by the same rules as everyone else).

You Tube still loves comments so please don't think I am saying post video responses only, I am merely pointing to a more powerful option.

See the video I included here on How to Post a Video Response.

You want to do this whenever you can. Just like Rhonda and Eric did. In a nutshell they answered my call. As a reward we all get to ride each others key words and meta tags.

The more video responses a video has the higher that video climbs in You Tube because a video response has a stronger pull than a comment. WATCH THE VIDEO to find out more details. :)


Use your post a video response to link your videos together.Especially if they are a Series. Here is how...

Make the first video. Then make the second. Use post a video response to link the second video to the first.

Make the third video and post it to the second one.

Make a fourth and post it to the third and so on. This is called a KITE TAIL.

As you saw in the video I posted here, people will see your video responses beneathe each video, keeping that buzz going, ranking you higher in You Tube and making sure as a person goes through your series it is EASY for them to find the next video.


Post a video response to any friends in You Tube where you can add value or if your video subject matter is relavent and complimentary. It doesn't hurt to help each other and just proves that you aren't only out for the SELF. Promote smarter not harder and you will get more Video Views, More Friends and More subscribers to your You Tube channel.

HOW TO: Share and Create Bulletins In You Tube

USE your SHARE and BULLETIN feature in You Tube

You Tube also offers Share and Bulletin features in You Tube.

As you add Subscribers they automatically get notices any time you post a new video. You Tube does this FOR you whenever you post a video.

Your FRIENDS though don't know unless they are closely watching your channel.

SEE THE VIDEO posted here to learn how and why to use both of these features to get more views, Subscribers and Friends in You Tube.


This allows you to message all of your You Tube contacts to let them know that you have a new video up. You can also social bookmark that video right from this location to Stumble Upon, Face Book, Digg, My Space, Delicious and a few others.


This allows you to blast a message to all of your friends in You Tube and Attatch a video to that message. They will get the message and if they have their bulletin box on their channel page (most of us in You Tube do have this feature on our channel page) then everyone who comes to that page CAN SEE that message to.

Tons of free promotion with this feature and you should use IT every single time you post a video to You Tube.

How to do this is also in the video I included here. :)

To get the best view on any videos posted to this hub, click on them twice so it will open the full size You Tube screen. Don't worry about me, just pause me so you can Repeat the steps in your own task screen, I really don't mind waiting on pause if that helps you get it done.


Go Subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Especially if you are NEW to You Tube or a RU PRO member who is going through Mike's Video Marketing course.

I am posting a playlist of all kinds of HOW TO in YOU TUBE to help you ramp up your marketing there so that you get the biggest BLAST when you post a video.

I have 11 videos that are currently in production RIGHT NOW and will be adding to that list as I continue to move forward.

Social Networking- Plain English

Getting SOCIAL

Just before video took off a very popular way to meet like minded people was already buzzing around the web. Those of social networks like My Space, Facebook, Yuwie and others.

My Space, I give credit where credit is due. My space is the monster of all social sites. Pushing almost 300 million members globally to date and smart enough to know how to monetize all those free members. To the tune of $800 million dollars in profit this year in 2008! (If that doesn't prove there is millions of dollars to be made on the web I don't know what does.)

YOU too can cash in on My Space!There are ways to use that site as well as others like Facebook to create a spot to meet and network with like minded individuals. There are savvy innovations that you can apply to market yourself in a social environment so that you keep attracting the right people to you.

Adding friends: The more the merrier!

The number one thing you want to attract is friends. The more friends that you have on a social profile page then the more attractive you are. It makes you look very popular to have a few hundred or thousand friends because in truth, you are popular. Remember wanting to be with the popular crowd in school?

You want to be where the action is just like those advertisers in My Space. They are there because there are 300 million friends on TOMS profile (LOL) that's how many people are in my space. Advertisers go where the crowds go. (There is a lesson in that right there.)

Using social networking to actually network requires real savvy and there are rules and etiquette to be followed and NO SPAM. Spam isn't tolerated.

Taking the time to get educated on the do's and don'ts can really help and boost your popularity in the social networks. Not getting educated will quickly get you run off the network so be smart and get savvy.

When creating your Brand You Web you want this to be positive

Keep your social and Internet Marketing skills up to date so that you can stay abreast with all the latest trends. Use feeds and bookmarking to keep up with what is going on with your new industry...



Twit! Twit! Twitter! Follow me!

Follow me in Twitter for all the latest

Twitter is the fastest easiest way to keep up with people on the web.

Here you can keep up with all that I am doing. I post short updates when I am surfing and let you know "What I am doing?"

Twitter wasn't counting on being so popular and user friendly and this little company has really blown up in just the last few months. Yay Twitter, its a blast and I've met all the best people there. Including my youtube friends.

Get a free Twitter account and start with a Twit, what are you doing?

Twitter is also a huge traffic generator. You can drive massive traffic using twitter.

Follow me there. MyHappyLaptop

Visually Stimulating

Here is a little video from You Tube, In Plain English by Common Craft. Extremely popular way for people to get the basics for some of the hottest marketing skills and locations on the web. Always Educating, and entertaining.

This one is on Social Media and how it really works. Enjoy!

What I want you to do: Contact me...

Only if you think you are ready to start branding, click the next link and we will work together to get you going...


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    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago


      LOVE your article

    • Sarah Johnson profile image

      Sarah Johnson 

      10 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Good information!!

    • kevinlt9 profile image


      10 years ago from Gwynn Oak,Maryland

      Nice hub Johni,like those videos thanks for all the quaitly information.

    • Network Marketer profile image

      Network Marketer 

      10 years ago from Qld Australia

      What good information I agree with shelly "gold "

      Regards Kathleen Network Marketer

    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      Eric Walker-

      Yes I do have a great teacher. :) And now, I've added you, another great teacher to my circle of friends. I love the video you did about the Star! TY for the comments.

      Johni myhappylaptop

    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      Shelly Yes Maam your welcome, I'm going to start using that trick more often. Here is the rest of the tip, hidden in the comments. Make a great video about X subject (whatever that is) then, while that video is playing use your pause key to write it down on a word doc. Word for word. Now, post that to the description box, and then TWEAK it to make it pretty for a hubpage, squidoo etc and post that with the video. Ta Da! Strong page :)

      Johni myhappylaptop

    • Eric L Walker profile image

      Eric L Walker 

      10 years ago from Kalamazoo, MI

      Johni Redd you are solid. This hub is tight and packed with information. Nice work, you must have a great teacher. -Eric

    • The Rat RaceRebel profile image

      Shelly Begarowicz 

      10 years ago from Up-North, MI


      LOVE your stuff! Thanks for the tip about the video names matching the web page name... thas GOLD!

      Your clients and team members are lucky ducks to have you showing them the way.


    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      HI David, yes I got your email, please find me in twitter, it will be a mutual follow :)

    • glycodoc profile image


      10 years ago

      Excellent hub - loads of good info - I learned several things, like video with same name as web-page gets higher ranking. Have to remember that with my next video. Now I have to go over to Twitter to follow you, then e-mail you. David


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