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Branding Yourself with Social Media

Updated on December 25, 2013


Social media has come under criticism for bringing out the narcissist in us.

While this may be the case, if you flip this over, you can actually put this so-called narcissism to good use.

How? By turning your own cohort of professional skills into a brand, making yourself have digital presence that puts you in a good light, in the real world out there.

Allow me to offer you a few tips to get you started!

Good Language, Please!

Be careful when using text-speak when you post status updates, as this can turn noses to the grammatically-conscious among us - not to mention potential employers who may check your social media status out while considering your application!

Besides, overusing expletives even when you're not meaning to be rude or angry just puts you in a negative light to whoever you are conversing with. Your friends may not have the heart to say it to you upfront, but would you like it if you knew what they REALLY think?

So, pretty please, be mindful of what you type on social media.

Photo: Pose with Poise and Personality

Poise Your Posing!

Likewise, please take care in uploading photos on to your social media networks.

Poses that show you drunken, slumbering, smooching, swearing, using the facilities (ahem!) do not flatter, although they might provoke a giggle or two from your chums.

However, otherwise, such flippant photography does not bode well for personal digital branding, I'm afraid.

Can you just imagine what potential customers or employers would think if they saw you in an compromising, or cringe-inducing pose??


Having photos where you are suitably dressed (a nice mix of formals and casuals will do) that bring out your genuine personality is what will help you project a professional image to the world out there.

See mine here ------>

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

While revamps are sometimes necessary to refresh things up, there is a difference between a brand revamp and not being able to make your mind up!

Like any good business, you should start with a plan. Who are you targeting- customers or employers? What purpose do you have in mind exactly? What goals do you want to achieve? By when? Which social media network media can help you project your brand most effectively, in your view?

You need to put your thinking caps on for this and let your imagination do the work!

Being Active

Sometimes, a good half an hour of my day goes in responding to comments and posts on my social media networks. Plus, if you count checking emails - both personal and at work - then I can usually say goodbye to two hours of my day.

No, I'm not suggesting that I am immensely popular (but bless you for thinking so) or something, but I use this time to think before I respond to any feedback or interactions that I have with my contacts - whether they are established or new.

I enjoy using social media, both personally and professionally; so I do not feel that I'm 'working' when I am on it. This approach helps immensely, because if you do not enjoy using social media, then do not use it. If it is not you, there is no need to force yourself to use it.

However, what can irk visitors to your social media profiles is if you have profiles set up on them only to neglect them for ages.

If you are an infrequent social media user, that's fine. Just refrain from publicizing this as this could put off potential customers and employers (who are social media savvy) and think that you are lazy - when you may well not be.

Which Social Media Is Good for Branding?

Which Social Media Platform is Good for Digital Branding?

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Setting Your Tone

Whether you like to have a laugh, or you are the more sober sort, make sure the tone you use to post your status updates and other content, is genuinely YOU!

While it is very easy to be pretend to be someone you're not on social media, when it comes to personal digital branding, being yourself matters the most.

It will not take a minute for potential clients or employers to recognize the difference in how you come across on social media with how you come across in reality, when they meet you.

Happy Digital Branding!

I hope these pointers help you in establishing your own digital brand that can take you places far and wide.

All The Best!

© 2013 Sudakshina Bhattacharjee


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    • sudakshinakina profile image

      Sudakshina Bhattacharjee 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Thanks very much! :)

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Good hub, Welcome to HubPages...