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Branding a Coffee Shop: An Effective Logo for an Unusual Name

Updated on June 6, 2013
Logo design.
Logo design. | Source

Mylk Uncookies is definitely an unusual name for a coffee shop but the vegans amongst you may already have a hint of what it offers: mylk is the name vegans use for a milk alternative. The owners of this coffee shop, which was opening in Cabbagetown, Toronto, had a dream to offer the local community raw vegan treats in addition to traditional tasty cakes for non-vegans. To complete the coffee shop name, they opted for ‘uncookies’ reflecting the fact that the vegan treats were uncooked.

Armed with this great name, the owners approached New Design Group with a request to design a great eye-catching brand for the coffee shop. The venue for the shop was to be in a less developed area of Toronto, associated with housing projects and discount shops. The main challenge was to attract clientele to this new coffee shop from the locality and surrounding Toronto neighbourhoods – it needed a strong, welcoming brand that indicated what type of treats were available in store.

The Plan of Action

New Design Group met with Mylk Uncookies to discuss the plan of action and they all agreed that the company name was fundamental to attract clients: vegans would understand that mylk referred to food suitable for them; non-vegans would be tempted to visit and find out more about the coffee shop whose name is a clever play on the traditional ‘milk and cookies’ that everyone enjoyed as a child.

Quite simply, the branding plan was to make the unusual name stand out loud and proud from every branded element, while appearing professional and friendly.

The Logo

New Design Group firstly developed some logo concepts which included a traditional looking ornate spoon in black and white, and four more modern designs, each combining three colours: brown to represent uncookies, white for mylk and turquoise to make the logo jump out from the design. The clients particularly liked the simplest logo where the coffee shop name was drawn in a simple, easy-to-read lowercase font. New Design Group then set about finalizing all of the branded materials.

The Branded Materials

The final design for the logo was created with plenty of colour. The first block is in dark brown and the subsequent blocks in different hues of turquoise. This formed a bold background for placement of the coffee shop name. To further emphasize what was on offer, the words ‘Espresso Boutique’ were included – clearly stating coffee was available in a small but perfectly formed establishment. The final design was so good it was used in the same format across all of the different items that were required: branded menus, business cards, signage for the coffee shop and bags for take-aways.

Client Response

The company owners were suitably impressed with their new company brand and were delighted with the boldness of the signage when it was erected at the coffee shop. This bright confident brand certainly caught the eye of passers-by and tempted them to come in and see what Mylk Uncookies was offering. And if they didn’t have time to stay awhile, they grabbed their take-away in a beautifully branded bag – effectively advertising the coffee shop to all the people they met on their travels.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.

This branding project shows how a simple font can be effectively used in a self-assured design to call attention to it and spread the company name far and wide.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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