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Branding for Construction Companies: Part 1 – Essential Printed Items

Updated on April 22, 2013

If you’re the owner of a construction start-up you know all about the importance of solid foundations to build a sturdy and enduring structure. The same holds true when it comes to branding your start-up – the stronger the brand, the more likely your company will grow, succeed and survive the test of time.

Construction Company Brochure
Construction Company Brochure | Source

Make sure your brand is as bold and impressive as the buildings you construct by employing an exceptional brand development company. Once you have identified your target market and the advantages you offer with your specific services, the branding process can begin.

Logo and Stationary Design Samples for Construction Company
Logo and Stationary Design Samples for Construction Company

Logo and tagline: The best logos for construction companies are simple, direct, bold and consequentially memorable. They encapsulate the services on offer succinctly and visually. Your tagline is a short 4 or 5 word phrase that you want to be ever associated with your brand. People always refer to the Nike ‘Just Do It’ tagline as being one of the most famous of all time. But for a construction company, take inspiration from emotive ideas such as ‘Building the Best’, ‘Making Dream Homes a Reality’ or more factual options such as ‘Property Development Specialists’.

As you set-up your construction company there are three essential printed items that you just can’t do without.

 Construction Business Card Design.
Construction Business Card Design.
  1. Business Cards

These are essential for when you meet a potential client or supplier face-to-face. Ensure your company name and logo is proudly displayed along with your contact details and web address. Another great tip which will help you rise in the esteem of your clients is to add details of your insurance, certifications and BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation. All of these important aspects help your clients to realize your company is trustworthy.

Stationary Design for Construction Company
Stationary Design for Construction Company

2. Corporate Stationery

Were you thinking of sending out quotes on plain paper? Bad move. Any discerning client would do a double take and start to doubt if your business was even properly licensed. Simple corporate stationery is another essential branded item. Your company name and logo in the header and your contact and license details in the footer will go a surprisingly long way to reassure potential clients.

Construction Company's Capabilities Brochure
Construction Company's Capabilities Brochure

3. Capabilities Brochure

And here is where you can shine. Your Capabilities Brochure is your chance to persuade customers to hire you, suppliers to work with you and investors to invest in you. This is a professionally produced, eye-catching document with concise and compelling text. It should give an overview of:

  • The services your provide
  • Your staff and their qualifications
  • Images and details of completed projects with client names
  • Financial figures such as projected sales or sales to date
  • Legal requirements such as insurance and WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) registration

Not only will this brochure give a complete overview of your start-up but when professionally produced, it will show that you are a reputable company who knows how to deliver what is promised.

Handy tip: While not essential, it is a great idea to invest in lawn signs which you can display where your team is working. This low cost marketing idea will call attention to your company as the signs will be visible to everyone passing by while the project is in progress. And you might be surprised how much notice people will take if the sign is professionally designed, showing your company name, logo and contact details. They might even be responsible for your next contract!

Brochure design for construction company
Brochure design for construction company

Optional extras: If budget allows you may wish to boost your marketing efforts by the production of promotional flyers which can be distributed locally. An eye-catching design will call attention to itself and if you also include a special offer, you may tempt new customers to seek you out. Simple flyers aren’t expensive to print in large quantities so you can see a great return on investment as they quickly increase brand recognition.

Construction Company Brochure Design Sample
Construction Company Brochure Design Sample

Depending on your niche, a catalogue may also be something to invest in if you want to list all of your products and their specifications in far more detail than is appropriate for your Capabilities Brochure. It can help clients choose from a variety of equipment, materials or finishes, and by presenting the different options in one easy-to-view, professionally designed catalogue, they are far more likely to make a decision and make a purchase. A good quality catalogue gives reassurance that the products will be of similar good quality.

Your construction start-up needs a solid brand and three essential printed items before you can even start to think about marketing your services. And if budget allows, you can add on the optional extras to further help promote your company as far and wide as possible.

Brand Identity Design Project for Construction Company.
Brand Identity Design Project for Construction Company. | Source


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