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Brochure Design: Saddle Stitch Brochures Lose out to Presentation Folders

Updated on June 6, 2013
Saddle Stitch Brochure Example
Saddle Stitch Brochure Example | Source

A professionally designed and impressive company brochure is needed tohand to clients and investors. It must be eye-catching, easy to read and deliver your key messages succinctly. In short it must have a strong brand identity.

A professional brand development company can create a fully branded brochure but have you considered your production options? When you are planning to invest in great quality brochures, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different type of brochure systems available.

The Saddle Stitch Brochure

A saddle stitched brochure is made up of multiple sheets, which are folded in the middle and then stapled together on the creased edge of the book’s spine. Without a doubt, a professionally designed and produced saddle stitch brochure will do your company proud.

The Pro’s: A saddle stitch brochure can easily accommodate crossover images which span two adjacent pages – great for making a huge impression with a stunning image.

These brochures can be prepared in various sizes although companies traditionally opt for A4 or A5 brochures – handy sizes for clients but big enough to make an impact. The outer cover is of thicker card and can be laminated for durability; the inner pages are normally thinner stock and can be uncoated, silk or gloss.

The Con’s: There is a limit to the number of pages that the brochure can contain – too many and the book will become too bulky to fold. In addition, because the brochure is created from folded sheets, the final page count must be in multiples of four.

However the most serious disadvantage of the saddle stitch brochure is its lack of flexibility. Once it’s printed, it can’t be changed – an alteration of your company address or product details makes the brochure obsolete. Of course you can always opt to use stickers over the offending area, but this will blemish an otherwise highly professional brochure. Alternatively you have to pay for a complete reprint.

Some companies may feel that the best way forward is to create a very generic saddle stitch brochure with only the lightest overview of their products to guarantee a brochure shelf life of several years.

But this approach defeats the purpose of the brochure. A generic brochure may look very attractive, but if the reader can’t find sufficient information within it, they will feel cheated because they have to make the effort to go elsewhere to discover more details.

This is why more and more companies are opting for the corporate presentation folder which is outstandingly versatile.

The Corporate Presentation Folder

This folder is created from thick stock card and has the same advantages as the saddle stitch brochure in that it can be professionally designed to look stunning, can comply with your company’s brand identity guidelines, and can be prepared in different sizes such as A5 and A4. It can also be prepared with slots to hold a business card. However the corporate presentation folder in not bound in any way: it does not resemble a book. It is simply a sturdy, branded folder designed to hold loose one page inserts. Once it is printed in all its branded glory, it will last a lifetime.

The loose inserts can be professionally designed to meet brand requirements and may cover detailed product specifications, product prices or be more visual to showcase your manufacturing facilities. The inserts can be printed professionally on quality card stock or,in the case of simple insertsrequired in moderate quantities, can be printed in-house to save on costs.

The corporate presentation folder is one of the most flexible brochure systems available. For each and every occasion, the inserts placed in the presentation folder can be appropriately chosen: general information for mass hand out at exhibitions, detailed specifics for clients who are on the verge of making a purchase, or financial details for investors. And to personalize the folder, sales staff can add their own business card.

In addition to its flexibility, the presentation folder beats the saddle stitch brochure hands down every time: if information changes, there is no reason to reprint a whole new brochure, only the insert that is affected. And when new products are added to the portfolio, a single additional insert is all that is required.

If you want flexibility and to avoid being irritated by expensive reprint costs, opt for a professionally designed and fully branded presentation folder system when creating a new brochure for your business.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Collins. New Design Group Inc.


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