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Website Blogging - Has's bubble burst?

Updated on February 17, 2015

The demise of ?

Well, writing this I know there will be many people in the Bubblews corner - fighting its battles.

I have to say though, as of a few weeks ago I have given up writing on the site altogether. And, I know with this, I will not be the only one who has thrown the towel in. This of course is my own choice and I have not had my account deleted.

( For those of you not in the know, BWs is a blogging website which started in late 2013 / early 2014 )

People who were writing with Bubblews from the beginning will know what I mean, those who joined up a little later will not know so much but will no doubt have noticed a few perks and options vanishing, as well as earned income.

So, without further ado, let us see if Bubblews has indeed died. as it was

I remember when I started to write for for BWs, website blogging was quite an easy process. All you needed was a paypal account and a basic grasp of English. Okay, I will be the first to admit that there was a lot of poorly written and at time impossible to read articles but still for those of us that could write and read enough to be coherent, it was probably the best site around for making some money.

Making money from your blog can sometimes be hard and this is what was so attractive about BWs. It was quite simple to just start typing away and making yourself some extra $. It was quite easy to make yourself at least 6-8 dollars in a day if you took things semi-seriously. Of course, even more if you really put the "pedal to the metal" and sort out new followers and signed up with social media and shared your articles with the usual suspects.

The site I found was not really top on the list of passive income blogs out there though, it was more an internal thing. That said though, I did quite often see posts/articles/bubbles with google search so I guess some people were using it to receive a passive online income. I have to say though, 95% of my income on that site came from the site itself and excluded search engines.

Some people complained that they had not been paid. To be fair, a lot of these complaints were not really understandable, just coming across as drug addled threats - the language was not really understandable but the intent and anger was - so you can guess why they people had not been paid. I was always paid by Bubblews... Until my last payment. The days of people learning how to start a blog and earn money - they were over. as it is now

As I mentioned. I stopped writing for Bubblews a good few weeks back. The reason I did not stop sooner was because I just wanted to test the lie of the land, so to speak..

"Didn't you say earlier that you were not paid?! Isn't that reason enough to stop writing for them?! .. Why did you carry on writing for them? Tell me more about that!"

Well, I was waiting for a long time to get paid. I noticed that the money I was meant to be paid, $65, had been reduced to $22 yet, I had not received any payment in my paypal account. I wrote to BWs and quizzed them about why I had not received any money from them.

BWs, to their credit, did respond to me within a few days - though I think it was a copy/paste answer. It turned out that there had been a lot of scammers and such - also BWs themselves had overstretched their finances - and basically had cut peoples wages to save themselves.. Pretty much all their writer's wages.

I waited a while before returning to website blogging on BWs. Just to see what would happen. Things carried on as they had - ever since the site overhaul in mid-2014. Though the site and the articles, and of course the income, seemed to have diminished hugely. There was a time when you could see about 100+ bubblews articles arrive each hour. Now, you are lucky if you see 20.

A lot of the income streams have been axed or do not seem to work: shares with social media, recruiting new writers, likes, views, - yes, even views etc. Likes still pay but it is not the cent per like it used to be.

The whole site has been set so it seems on a sort of "Windows safe mode" and it seems like the whole site has been gutted. I shiver ran down my spine when it reminded me of Triond. That is when I left. It seemed BWs are/were simply looking for website content creation without any perks. No doubt, some poor folk will carry on writing there.

Another reason why I left was due to writing a few articles - or bubbles - and I only managed to receive about 15 views and was paid 2 cents. It was too much. I used to get many views, many likes, I used to be able to share and maybe from one bubble I could make up $1/2 dollars. It was/is too much to take and with a big drop like that I cannot continue to write for them.

My hopes for

I really do hope that BWs sort themselves out as they were truly great back in the day. I am unsure what was the true cause of the problems and the changes were. It could be that they tried to jump before they were ready or it could even be that they were simply too generous.

I do know that the way the site currently is, they will lose all their writers as the site now losing the people it once poached from sites like Hubpages.

I am guessing it is not as simple as that though.



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    • Tyler Bracken profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Bracken 

      4 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Ah. So they did not take any of your money, ever? I always got paid but the last time I was paid they took two thirds of my redemption/pay and blamed it on other people - somehow. It was too much for me to take.

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I stopped writing at bubblews for a few months, waited for my after nov redemption, happy to say got paid but still not writing


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