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Energy Consultants Can Gain Financial Freedom With Ambit

Updated on August 14, 2012

Ambit Energy Provides Cheaper Electric and Natural Gas

Energy consultants can gain financial freedom with Ambit by following the proven method in place and building a successful ambit energy business? First you may want to know that Ambit Energy provides cheaper electric and natural gas services in markets that are deregulated. These Markets are in different areas around the United States and at the moment include six deregulated states. Several more states will so be deregulated helping Ambit Energy to be one of the fastest growing companies in the retail energy sector today. Ambit energy is primarily marketed through direct sales to the customers. It is a highly successful company and with its potential, it is a must to join Ambit energy today because energy consultants can gain financial freedom.

Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy Holds Ambition 2012 Convention

With Ambit Energy, you can save money on your electric bill every single month. Ambit energy is only available in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland but will soon be available in several more states as many are in the process of deregulating such as Missouri and Ohio.

A convention scheduled for early September called Ambition 2012 is a must attend for anyone involved with Ambit Energy. It is a highly anticipated training for Ambit consultants. It is held in Dallas Texas.

How Do I Become An Ambit Consultant and Gain Financial Freedom

Find out how to become an Ambit consultant and gain financial freedom. When you join you will have the opportunity to have your very own home based business. For a fee of $429, you will be in business. It will also cost you a monthly fee of $25 for an Ambit website. After becoming an Ambit consultant, you will earn when you get new Ambit Energy customers and when you find others who want to join as Ambit consultants. As time goes by and you continue to work on these two things, the income potential from working within this company is limitless.

For more information and to join, click on the following link

Ambit Energy Millionaires Club

It doesn't take a whole lot of energy and several who have started just a few short years ago have been able to join the Ambit Millionaires Club. By creating a team Ambit consultants are able to be thrust into a position of continued success. When the whole team works together for the success of the new comers, it only makes the success of the people on the team even better and on and on. all the while this is happening, the customers who switch to Ambit energy are paying less for their bills than ever before. Wouldn't it be great to be a part of the Ambit energy millionaires club?

A Little More About Ambit in the Following Video

The following video explains Ambits purpose and goals very well. It came out early when the company opened. The company has grown tremendously since 2006. Several people have now built a successful ambit energy business by first becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant

Information About Ambit Energy Supply

See Another's View on Ambit Energy

Not many companies can boast that subject line.

When I joined Ambit almost two years ago I never thought I’d be creating MY OWN economy but I was!

You see, even when the economy is down like it is right now, we Ambit consultants still get paid because each and every one of our customers still has to pay their energy bill.

Let’s thin about some other popular network marketing companies. If you look at almost all of them you’ll find that there’s a product attached to it that the customer can decide NOT TO PURCHASE NEXT MONTH!

Remember how hard you had to work to get that customer and now they’re gone and with them the chance for you to get that commission you were counting on to pay your bills?

So when it’s all said and done, is your business built on stone or do you need a countless number of customers to offset the hundreds that are opting out of their purchase each month?

Enter Ambit Energy and our product, gas and electric. It costs nothing for your customer to change from their incumbent provider, there are NO long-term contract, they save 7% the first two months off their incumbent energy supplier charge and they save a guaranteed 1% every year thereafter. Not to mention they can cancel any time without penalty.

None of our customers ever defect because they decided they didn’t want to pay their electric bill one month. It’s never a ‘sale’ so to speak when you get a customer, you’re simply introducing them to a product that costs less than the one they’re already purchasing.

As a matter of fact, that’s the easiest analogy you can make to anyone who you want to be your customer. Ask them this simple question and you’ll get them every time:

Ask a potential customer ”if you were driving down the street and noticed you needed gas and you noticed one gas station on the left had gas for $4.00 a gallon and a gas station on the right had gas for $3.50 a gallon, which one would you chose?

They would go with the $3.50 a gallon of course. Well it’s no different with Ambit. Your customer can choose to stick with their incumbent provider and just keep on paying more for their energy every month or they could switch to Ambit and pay less.

It’s that easy to get customers. There are no smoke and mirrors, only great savings and the benefits that come along with it.

So in an economy where it seems the whole world is complaining, you’ll see a certain amount of us with a wry smile on our faces as we go about our day KNOWING we’ll never be affected by it.

It’s sad that everyone doesn’t recognize this for what it truly is: A way out of your current situation if your current situation sucks.

Not only does Ambit provide a stable for those wise enough to jump in, combine it with our Viral Marekting System and it simply makes no sense NOT TO join our team.

Fill out the form to the right and you will immediately be taken to a page where you can read about Viral Marketing System and see exactly how it can help you starting today.


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