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Build Your Business Up One Step At A Time

Updated on June 15, 2015

Do you like your job? Do you feel that your job not only challenges you but is a vehicle which enables you to make a difference to the world? If the statistics are too be believed, than the chances are neither of these questions resonate with you. And I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you think that merely leaving your job and walking into another job will give you lasting job satisfaction and purpose, than the chances are very slim. Why? Because most jobs are designed around the aspirations of somebody else; things they need done so that they can get on with what they truly want to do in life. Why do you think bosses of companies often hire receptionists, personal assistants, IT staff, etc.? To do the work they don’t want to do themselves.

Now if you’re inner purpose in life is to help an employer enjoy their life more by dealing with all their inbound calls or sorting out her IT problem, than there are plenty of jobs out there for you. Yet if like most of us, the chances are that no job out there will truly help you fulfil your inner purpose. In such circumstances, the only way you are going to find true satisfaction in your work is to go out and create it yourself – aka start up your own business.

There are many reasons why many of us have failed to make the leap into self-employment, but one of the main reasons comes down to pure fear. Fear of leaving the safety net of a secure job with regular paycheque, fear of the amount of change and effort that you would have to perform in order to get your business off the ground. And fear of the humiliation you would experience amongst friends and family if your venture were to crash and burn.

So if you can agree with everything I said so far in this hub, then how can you possibly get around the huge paralysing fear which prevents you setting up your own business – enabling to work and get paid to do the things which will give you the most satisfaction in your life? Whether this would be as an author, blogger, trader, tour-guide (going to places you want to go). Well the answer is quite simple, chunk down the process of how you are going to transition from employment to self-employment into small, manageable steps; and only focus on the immediate steps ahead of you.

To give you an example of what I mean, let’s suppose I work in middle management of small retail company yet have a passion to be an esteemed writer. In this scenario, I certainly wouldn’t recommend packing in the job to pursue my writing (or any other business) – especially if I have people depending on me (children). Instead I would recommend starting small in my spare time, perhaps setting up a Blog and posting on it each evening, etc. Once you start receiving a liveable income from your Blog, only than would I recommend you consider packing in your job.

Yet there is more to taking small steps than simply working on your business in your spare time till you are confident in packing in your full time job and working solely on your business. For when starting up your own business for the first time, the idea of all the things which you need to do; setting up your business, registering as self-employed, etc. can all seem quite daunting for someone who never done it before. This is why I would therefore recommend that you break down all the things that you need to do into sub goals; and then focus only on the tasks at hand to complete whatever sub-goal you have set yourself.

So in the earlier example of becoming a writer, the first thing which I’d recommend you do is to chunk down all the things which you need to get done into sub-goals, such as;

  1. Picking a niche/topic that I am going to be writing about
  2. Pick a platform to host your Blog on
  3. Create or find some content for you to post in several different posts on your blog
  4. ….
  5. ….

Once you have chunked down the goal of starting your own business into sub-goals, the next step is to start on the first sub-goal which needs to be completed, or in the example of being a writer, deciding what your Blog is going to be about; who your audience are going to be.

It should be mentioned however that the process of chunking down a large goal into smaller, more manageable goals does not only apply if you were to set up as a writer but for any business. Whether you want to set up a fruit & veg stand down the local market or starting up the next Microsoft or McDonalds, then chunking down the goal into smaller, more manageable goals is the key to success.

It also helps tremendously with overcoming the fear of change and being overwhelmed – a fear which almost every entrepreneur will go through at least once. Chunking your goal down into smaller steps will certainly increase your chances of success; that I can say from personal experience.


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