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Build a Direct Sales Force

Updated on November 26, 2017
Multi-Level - Build your team!
Multi-Level - Build your team! | Source

Why build a direct sales force?

If you work for a direct sales company, you know that they are constantly trying to get you to recruit new salespeople under you.  That makes more money for them.  Obviously.  But the benefits of developing an effective direct sales force can be phenomenal for you.

Tips for building a direct sales force

My number one tip for building a direct sales force is to just do it. There are so many things that can stop you from building it - it's too much hassle, it will cost extra up-front, I will have to do more work, I'll have to leave my comfort zone. These are all excuses that can be overcome when you decide to get out there and do it.

  • As soon as you start your direct sales business, set a goal for personal sales AND for building a sales force. If you are doing a party business, your goals may be
  1. I will have 6 parties in my first 6 weeks, and sell $XXXX.XX amount of product in order to earn the {whatever} quick-start prize. (Most at-home businesses offer a promotional prize during the first six-weeks. This gets you off to a good start and also shows the company that you are serious about your performance and reaching goals.
  2. I will recruit 3 consultants under me within my first 9 weeks, and coach them into reaching the 6 parties in 6 weeks also.
  3. I will take XX% of my earnings in the first 6 weeks to put back into my home business, and will reevaluate my needs after that time.
  • Follow through on your goals. If you decide to recruit three people in six weeks, and you need to coach them, remember how much of your time that will take. You will need to plan on coaching your recruit and attending his/her first party. It will take more of your time in the beginning, but will be worth the investment.
  • Offer to pay for those who are serious. If someone contacts you about wanting to become a consultant, they are more than likely serious about doing it. Depending on the startup charges of the business, you can offer to pay for it, pay for part, or pay for it up-front with an agreement that after they make $XXX that they will give you the startup costs back. Be sure to check with the company you are working for because some companies have policies on this.
  • A great recruitment tool I used with on direct sales company was a party bag. I had a gift bag from the dollar store stuffed with popcorn, movie candy, a DVD on the business, a can of soda, and a few little giveaways. When I would do raffles at my party, whoever took my party bags would get 10 extra entries into my door prize drawings. Make sure to watch your cost vs. outcome on these types of things.

Downline Structures

Different companies structure their downlines in different ways.

Some companies offer various percentages depending on which level.  Level one would be the people you recruited.  Level two would be the people your level one downline recruited, and so on.  Which means if your company offers 10% on one level, and you have three people in your downline, and they each sell $1000 this month, you will receive 10% ($100) x3 = $300.  If they do this every month, that is an extra $3,600 per year.  If the company goes deeper, and offers you 10% on your first level, and 5% on your second and third levels, and each person you have in your downline has three people, and they all sold $1,000 this month (you still with me?), you would make:

$300 from level one

5% ($50) x9 = $450 from level two

5% ($50) x27 = $1,350 from level three

= $2,100 just. off. your downline.  

Can you see where this would be worth your initial time and money investment?  If this were a typical month, after a year you would have an extra $25,200.   That's on top of what you are earning having parties or selling products.

Some companies offer a flat rate on all levels.  So if they offer 10% on your complete downline, and you recruited three people, and they each recruited three people, you would have 12 people in your downline.  If they each sold $1000 this month, you would get $1,200 from your downline sales.

Your Direct Sales Force

As soon as you start your business is the time for you to start your downline.  And always encourage your downline to continue building.  I have merely scratched the surface here with how much you can make by forming a successful downline.  There are many bonuses, prizes, and trips associated with most companies for people with successful downlines.  Bottom line is:  Just get out there and make it happen.  In my experience, for every three people you recruit, one will be successful, but you're not going to be able to weed them out until you get out there and start the process.

Good luck to all those folks out there in the direct sales field!  May your downlines grow and grow and grow!


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    • directselling profile image


      6 years ago

      any tips on how to convert people with a negative attitude against direct sales?

    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 

      7 years ago from Iowa

      This is so true. Having a downline ensures you don't have to do all the earning. It is the magical power of compound interest at work. I think the most successful people in the MLM business have figured out this important principle. Awesome hub! Voted up and awesome.

    • cheapsk8chick profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks! It's making me think about getting out there and doing direct sales again.

    • sameerk profile image


      7 years ago from India

      nice hub


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