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Build your Brand with a Blog

Updated on April 2, 2010
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K Richard Douglas is a freelance writer who has authored articles, web content, biographies and press releases for more than 10 years.

Blogging as a corporate tool

Is your business missing a tremendous branding opportunity? Blogging offers a unique opportunity to connect with current and prospective customers in an informal, bi-directional way. A company’s blog can strip away an intimidating facade, and layers of obstacles, and make a company and it’s officers and marketing department seem more assessable and approachable.

In addition, blogging offers a less ‘salesy’ approach to trumpeting a new or existing product or service. It can allow the marketing and sales department to present the benefits of a product or service in a matter-of-fact format. In a very real way, it allows a company to reach people in a completely unique environment. Prospective customers will have their normal defenses down when they feel that they are simply being informed and not sold.

The bi-directional feature of blogging allows customers and prospective customers the opportunity to be heard in an informal setting. They can communicate their likes or dislikes of your product or service and provide valuable feedback for your marketing department and business development people. The blog is more likely to achieve this than a company website contact form page. It doesn’t intimidate because it is perceived by readers as more inviting and informal.

Blogging offers the possibility of using video and images as support for the written content. There is even more opportunity to get prospective customers excited about your product. The combination of SEO copywriting along with image tags and great product images can garner a positive response from the major search engines along with the benefits of finding new customers.

No longer a faceless company
Blogging makes a company real to people. A blog can include bios of company officers or marketing people. The blog author can act as a conduit to any number of departments. The blog can put a public face on the company that is less formal than the company’s website.

Good bloggers are passionate about the topic they write about. That passion can be about their own employer’s product or service. Enthusiasm is contagious and the net affect on blog readers can benefit the branding process and overall sales. Good blog content can support marketing and sales as a test-bed for new ideas or a primary PR outlet.

Good content is key of course, so the blog author should be adept at constructing content that informs, sells and is relevant to the blog’s visitors. The blog should seem like a converstation and not a commercial. The blog can incorporate multiple authors including representatives across a company’s employee contingent.

Blogging is a low-cost addition
From a cost and budget perspective, the blog offers a quick launch sequence with established blogging platforms already in place. Platforms like Wordpress, in it’s umpteenth generation, provide real sophistication without the need to rely on internal resources for development. Good content is a necessity and some effort needs to go into strategizing, but a blog can be launched in hours, not months.

Brand building and sales numbers can both realize a positive impact with the establishment of a company blog. It is a low-cost conduit for product announcements, product and service promotions and customer feedback. It can help put an approachable public face on any company.

© 2010 K Richard Douglas All rights reserved


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