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Building A Career On Character

Updated on October 21, 2014

A famous quote by Bruce Lee is "Knowledge will give you power, but character respect."

Building a career will define a person's character. Fresh out of college, many graduates are focused on their salary or position, instead of the more important question, "where will I be in a year, five years, even ten years?” Planning your future takes forethought; creating opportunities requires character.

Personal Character

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1. Goals
Reaching goals requires discipline and long-term effort. A disciplined career oriented person does not use excuses or justify poor dissensions or lack of planning. A person's character directs his goals and effects the level of personal and professional success in life. Long-term goals rely on short-term achievements.

2. Hard Work
In my experience, anything that I have achieved or enjoyed a measure of success has required hard work. There is no substitute for it. Even the bible characterizes lazy man as being on the road to failure. It also characterizes a person's hard work as achieving his goals.

3. Success
Some see the equation for success much differently than others. Obtaining material prosperity, position and recognition for life's work are at the center of their description of success. However, one's character would argue that material, emotional and spiritual needs are central to the formula.

Striving for excellence is never a disappointment in the long run. Aim your goals high with obtainable intermediate steps. Each career step requires the determination that comes from within a person's core. They're character.

© 2014 Lee Stowe


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