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Building Better Quality Backlinks

Updated on January 10, 2011

Getting Yourself Noticed Online

Most people think that all you have to do is build and they will come.  We have all seen the movie, and some might think that this method will work online.  Well, those days are over.  You need to tell people about your site or blog.  You need to get noticed online, or fall aside and die.  This is where good quality backlinks will help you.  You just need to know how to get them. 

Most new bloggers always ask, how can I get more traffic to my blogs.  This is simple, you need these back links.  Backlinks are a free method of getting traffic.  The best part is that it also gives the search engines a pathway to your domain.  After all getting noticed by Google is what this is all about. 

Get Those Links Yourself

Lock yourself on the first page of Google.  This is the goal that most if not all bloggers have.  They want to get onto the front page for their search keywords.  They then want to stay there, which is the hardest part of the process.  It does take work and dedication to get your site there.  First you need to start building these links.

Take a look at the picture. You see a chain link fence with locks on it.  This is the same way the web is made up.  Each link is a path back to the beginning or your site.  The same idea works with back links.  The links with locks on them are the good quality back links.  These are the ones that you want to aim for.  You just need to know where to look. 


You now have 3 great methods to make your blog empire that much stronger.  Remember that backlinks act like pathways to you.  The more you have, the more paths to help buyers find you.  Then the sales and profits start to rise, before you know it you have fired your boss. 

Methods to build backlinks

Anyone can get backlinks with a bit of work on their part. Just using the following methods you will be able to build a set of good quality links and before you know it, the search engines have you.  Your ranked and becoming seen more and more each day.  The profits will start to grow. 

1. Blog commenting:  This is a great place to start.  Find relevant blogs and comment on them.  Do not leave spam comments, but read the post and leave good quality content.  You might even get the blog owner to visit your site.  Then you have the opportunity to become a guest blogger on their site. (Income Op)

2. Forum posting:  I like this method. It works well if done correctly.  You need to gain authority on the forum first.  Do not just join and start posting your links every where.  Make about 20 or 30 good quality posts and responses to other members post.  Then put the link to your blog in your signature.  This can bring in immediate traffic.  Great way to start.

3. Article submission: By far the most popular and effective.  This method is where you write articles and submit them to article directories.  This gives you authority on a subject, while also a very high quality back link.  Might take a week to get your article approved, but once it does your looking at some very good quality traffic. 


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