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Marketing with Flauntt to Attract and Retain New Customers- Building Up a Strong Customer Base

Updated on August 1, 2015


Many young entrepreneurs become discouraged at first when their new business does not take off the way they expect it to. You should not become discouraged. Instead, use marketing to attract new customers to your business.

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Network As Often as You Can Both Online and Offline

You never know who will be able to help you or your business. Similarly, there are many other businesses or business people that may need your expertise or advice. By making connections, each person can help another. If you do not make use of opportunities to network, you will miss out on the value that can be added to your business through these relationships.

If you are building a brand or are interested in buying into a strong brand, you may find the following links helpful:

Marketing Must Be a Top Priority If You Want to Attract New Customers


Networking for People Who Hate Networking

Networking for People Who Hate Networking- Customer Reviews

"Captivates readers' attention with one-of-a-kind perspectives on the topic of networking"

"I learned many new tips from the book that I have applied when participating in social situations."

Marketing a Brand: Best Tactics for Broadening Your Customer Base

Exchange Tweets on Flauntt- Boost Your Social Networking Marketing and Get More Visitors

If you have a blog or an ecommerce website you can exchange tweets on Flauntt to boost your social marketing efforts. This new networking site makes it easy for you to get free retweets. This in turn will increase the number of viewers who come to look at your content online.

I have been using Flauntt for a while to promote my writing and have found it to be a useful tool. It does not drive tons of traffic to each of the posts that I share but I do see a marked difference in terms of the visitors I get. I think there are several things that increase your chances of having your tweets become popular there:

  • Always share interesting content
  • Don’t share anything that you would not want to read
  • As far as possible, share articles there often

Articles that are of interest to a wide segment of the population tend to do better. For example, if you write about saving money on gas, you will get more retweets more quickly than if you write about how to do repairs on a Citroen engine. Within each niche, there are topics that will interest more people.

When you exchange tweets on, your link remains in the tweet history of the person who shared it on Twitter. There is also the likelihood that people who follow that individual may retweet your post and so on. Give it a try and see how it impacts your traffic. It’s completely free.

How to Build an Early-Stage Customer Base

Establish a Presence at Trade Fairs and Other Industry Events

There are many trade fairs that are held each year that focus on one kind of business or another. Some of these cater to both potential customers and suppliers. They are a good way for you to introduce your product or service to new people.

Contribute to Groups that are All Around You

Also look out for groups. Any place where people meet is a good place to meet your next client. You can meet people online in groups on FaceBook or on Google Plus. You can also meet people offline at church or at community events. If you own a business that serves the community, consider sponsoring a local event, such as a series of soccer games. These will provide you with a lot of free publicity.

Keep Going- Some Things Are Easier Than They First Appear


Never Miss An Opportunity to Promote Your Business

To build up a strong customer base you have to market your business all the time. It cannot be an activity that you participate in for a few months and then take a break, expecting the traffic to keep coming in.

It is true that after you have built up a strong customer base, you can sometimes slow down your marketing efforts a bit. However, before doing that you should always evaluate your current marketing plan and see what changes are needed for the future. Never make any firm decisions without testing first.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR- Customer Reviews

"!! I am a professional in the marketing/communications area and found this book intriguing and full of great information, ideas, and pointers."

Keep Marketing Even After You Have Your Desired Customer Base

Even after you think your business has gained a firm footing in your niche, you should still be involved in marketing to attract new customers. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the best known fast food brands worldwide. However, their ads are seen almost every week on television.

If you do not keep marketing your brand and building up a strong customer base, you will become one of the companies that is known by loyal fans but after those fans no longer need the service for some reason, your customer base starts to dwindle. You also leave yourself open to competition from other businesses in your niche who think they can offer customers a better service and advertise that.

Let Go To Grow: Practical Application for Business Challenges

Let Go To Grow- Customer Reviews

"A must-read for any entrepreneur who wants specifics on how to improve the management of his/her company at its current level, and wants tp create a step-by-step plan for successful growth."


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