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Building Your Next Commercial Design

Updated on February 11, 2017

When planning your next commercial design building project, chances are you have many things to consider. After all, it’s not just a building, but a place that sets the tome for who you are as company. It represents your perspective on business - how you run it, who you are wanting to work with, and even reveals a bit about your personality as a business and company.

So, as you approach a commercial building design, there are many things to be considered - beyond simply the need for a new space. The following tips and considerations should be a part of your process.

  • Take time to plan. Before you ever make the first phone call to a commercial building company, take time to dream. Plan out what type of space you will need, think about what jobs need to be accomplished and how much room that will take, look at the time of year and determine if you could find yourself moving in the midst of your already crazy season, and consider how the finished project will affect your employees as well as those you do business with.
  • Hire carefully. Do your homework and select a commercial building team with numerous years of experience. You want someone who knows the area, understands what legal paperwork is needed, and can be depended on to complete the job according to spec. After all, you need them to be willing to make you a priority, not just another job.
  • Ask for input. Talk to other business owners who have had commercial building projects completed and learn what they are glad they did or what they wish they had known before beginning the project.
  • Understand the risks. No matter how carefully a project is crafted, there are going to be speed bumps along the way. Be sure to plan room in your budget as well as in the competition schedule to accommodate these situations.
  • Talk about it. Be sure that the construction company doing the job is fully aware and understands your needs. Take time to talk through what you expect, make changes on blueprints, and identify materials and their sources. The best projects always happen when everyone is on the same page.

So what will your next commercial building project look like? No matter the scope of the project, be sure to do your homework, so you can be sure that the finished project is everything you envisioned. Take your time, be thorough in your planning and the result will be well-worth the homework.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of commercial building. One such site worth visiting is

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