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Building a Coupon Site - Couponer Power Tools

Updated on June 25, 2010

Building a Coupon Site

Tons of people hear about the wonders of Affiliate Marketing. They think that all you have to do is throw up a website and you'll start making millions. The reality is that this will probably never happen. When they finally realize that, the ones who don't give up right away but are looking for the "obvious" next step to get rich quick go for a coupon site. The logic behind this is that everyone wants and needs coupons so they'll always have customers shopping through them. What they forget about is the fact that this is the same thinking that made them fail in the first place.

You can throw up a coupon site all you want, but without learning how to market or having a huge advertising budget to drive people to the site is key. There is tons of competition out there from established and well known coupon sites and because you are brand new and not driving in tons of sales, you are less likely to get vanity codes from Merchants and even less likely to begin ranking for larger sites with tons of traffics terms. So what can you do to compete with these larger and more established coupon sites, simple, give yourself the tools you need and an advantage. I always recommend that you first start by choosing a niche for your coupon site and then as you begin to own that niche drop the traffic into more general ones and eventually you'll be able to compete with the major sites.

The truth is that without putting a ton of time and effort into your site, you probably won't get rich or even make a decent living. The more you learn and put into your site the more you should be able to get out of it. With that said, here are some coupon website power tools to help you on your way to building and managing a successful coupon site.

Coupon Website Power Tools

For Me to Coupon.

For Me to Coupon is one of the most innovative and unique Coupon Affiliate tools out there. Designed and built by the famous Coupon Affiliate Connie Berg, she has given the Affiliate industry a tool to streamline the coupons into your website. Not only does for me to coupon have over 10,000 coupons and deals to stream into your site, I believe you also get access to all of the exclusive coupons available for the Merchants you are partnered with because of Connie's fabulous reputation and hard work. One of the biggest complaints about building and managing a coupon website is having to update, add and remove coupon codes. For me to coupon simplifies this for you and from the people I have spoken to who use, they swear they could not live without it. I personally do not have a coupon side but if I would build one, I would definitely give a try so I can focus on SEO and promoting the site instead of worrying about how to update all of my Merchant's etc...

Email or RSS tools.

One thing that is important to do is to keep your loyal coupon shoppers remembering you exist and coming back to your site. Just knowing they visited once isn't enough, there are tons of other coupon sites out there and in order to make sure they stay with you, you have to always keep reminding them you exist. If you have a blog or a newsletter, you must have a way to bring people back to your site with it. I recommend AWeber and Feedburner for this. Not only can you still get free versions of these tools, but as people subscribe and opt in to them you'll be able to keep them coming back and if they keep shopping, you'll be able to start asking your Merchant's for custom deals in exchange for extra pushes through your feed and newsletter mailing list.

Video Spokes Models.

Video Spokes People are key to Couponers. Not many of them use Video Spokes People but almost all major coupon sites have sections about how to use a coupon. Why write it down and make them read when you can have a professional video spokes person come out on your site, allow the person to describe how to use coupons codes, tell them to click your links to set a cookie and to welcome them back again. I don't understand why more coupon sites don't use Video Spokes People but if I ever decided to build a coupon website, I would almost guarantee that I would have a video spokes person on my site to show my users how to find and use my site as well as click the links so I can be even more certain I will get credit for the sales I generate.

There are a few more coupon site power tools out there but if I gave away all the secrets there wouldn't be any use for my consulting services. I hope you all enjoyed this hub and if you have any other tips or tricks you would like to share on how to build a coupon site or services like, feel free to share them below.


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      Trisha Lyn Fawver 7 years ago

      Great, comprehensive article!