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Building a Strong Team: Roles and Responsibilities

Updated on August 23, 2013

“No man is an island”- an overused quote you read every now and then. This phrase may give meaning to friendship, a relation or a connection that a person often has with others. But this actually gives light to the truth in humanity that when there is a group, a team or more than one person forming together as one, things are in a better light. Each of us has its own skills, strengths and specialties. A person has what others may not have. These variations make it possible for people to work together for their mutual good. But how will you bring together people with different personalities and perspective in life? How does one build a strong team?

Focus on the goal

A golden rule in a team is keeping your eyes on the goal. As soon as you start a team, make a certain, clear goal. It is the path where the team is heading too. It maybe a higher sale percentage, more produce, more clients or winning a game. What is important is from the very start, the goal should already be instilled in the minds of every team member. This will help them focus and set aside other trivial stuffs.

Not only should your team have a goal. It must also be one that is significant to them. What is the use of having an aim when they cannot even benefit from it? Thus, it must have something to do with them. A goal that aims to have more clients should also mean more incentives or commission for them. To make a person interested and passionate, you must let him see the reward of what he might accomplish.

Determining Each Individual strength

If you want to build a sturdy house, see to it that the materials used are of good quality. This means individual strength of each team member. Determining the strength and weakness of each member will help the team work effectively. Each should contribute what he does best. In a soccer team for example, the coach should know where to assign each player. There must be someone who specializes in kicking, someone who does best in stealing the ball and others who run faster.

Not only does an individual strength determined, it must also be developed. Discovering does not stop right there. It must be continually developed, polished so that when the time comes, it will be of great help. In a team, everyone has a role to play. Such role must be played according to one’s abilities and skills. Needless to say, a weak foot of a stool can let the thing fall down. That is the reason why there must be trainings, seminars, meetings, practicum- these are ways in which a team can pinpoint the ability of each team member so that it can be developed and utilized for the betterment of the whole.

Working as one

Now comes a more difficult commandment- work as one. Building a strong team means gathering different people, with different traits, personalities, likes, wants and preferences. Tying these people, putting a bond among them is indeed hard work. How does a team work as one?

This means putting each other’s differences aside. It’s about bringing the best of the team into the surface. This is oftentimes the challenge for a good leader. He must be able to convince members to come together, treat each other as a family and focus on the goal set before them. It is his task to oversee that what he has in his hand is not a group of people but rather a solid team- unbreakable. Each member too must put his self on the second priority and should think what the team thinks. Giving oneself to the team, dedication to his part or role and passion in achieving an aim- these are necessary mind set that each member must have.



Trust is a small but powerful word. A strong team must have this. Members must trust their leader and give him full support. They must recognize him and keep in mind that trusting in his directions is the key to the team’s success too. But trust must not only show between leaders and members, it must also be vice versa. A leader must also trust his members. Trust that they can do it, that they are capable of what they are tasked of, that they can be winners, that they can put on a good fight. It boosts confidence to the team. Lastly, trust should also be present from member to member. They must not doubt each other but instead encourage and commend each other’s role or work done. This boosts morale too.

Values to treasure: Obedience and respect

Aside from trust, obedience and respect are also two values to treasure if a team wants to succeed. As one might have noticed, a team always has a leader. A leader is placed in that position not actually to rule others. He is more like a compass that directs where the team is going. As such, members must not only give their support but their obedience and respect as well. Members wok according to their tasks and assignments but a leader sees to it that his team is heading the right way. He holds a high position but his responsibility is just as dangerous too.

Respect is also a big word. It means recognizing each other’s work. Each task is crucial and a team cannot work as one when part of it is missing. It’s not about being more intelligent or more skilled in your field, it’s all about how well you have applied such in your contribution as a team member.


All work without play proves to be dull. Everybody knows that from every hard work, a yearning for leisure develops. This is also true in a team. A secret recipe for an enduring and long lasting team is on their capability to distress after a heavy day, a celebration, a party or a get-away. Reward is not bad, it never is. A pinch of happiness will allow the team to breathe and enjoy the pleasures this world has given us. It keeps the team refreshed and ready for another battle ahead.

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© 2013 Lanao G


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