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Bullies Everywhere Even in the Work Place

Updated on November 25, 2014

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Office Bully

Can you believe it? Like me, is it hard for you to wrap your mind around grown folks bullying other grown folks… at work? Worse, can you believe that these ones might even have a following, usually people who have no meaningful regards for them? Of course the bully might manage to snow one or two into believing they have their gain at best interest.

It had been a matter so perplexing that it was worth an investigation but not before pondering why a group of intelligent, capable people would allow one person to control their environment while the few that stand up to them either verbally or non-verbally may not have much support from anyone on the inside.

The answer I was able to derive is that these people are not cowards, given the right circumstances and a set of boxing gloves they would lay into the bully, dropping them and not think twice about it, (well maybe they would regret it afterwards) but to the office associate it seems easier and less stressful to go with the flow or go along with the program as long as there are no frontal attacks or threat of doing bodily harm.

It is notable they would rather give the office dictator some wiggle room and not rock the boat. However, it later came to light that it was more pressure and hard work to try to get along with the office tyrant and once “the oppressed” were no longer under the iron thumb of that person; moving to another position that would take them out of the same office, or leaving the company, getting them out of that office for one reason or another, the flood gates came open and a sigh of reasons behind why people with such circumstances spilled freely.

Other behind the scenes explanations were the bully either innately knew who they couldn’t mess with choosing not to try certain ones while some felt the bully had “juice” meaning, accumulated friends in high places and so “the group” opted to stay on their “good side.”

The bully themselves, has lain quite a bit of groundwork in gaining alliances. To break it down, the bully does a considerable amount of kissing up in their own way, trading favors and scratching backs of those who would scratch theirs.

It is clear that an office bully never does anything that is not going to generate a plethora of returns nor would they operate without a plan of action. The bully’s goal is usually to make themselves seem invaluable to management even if they aren’t as skilled as they aim to be yet.

They will take down anyone they have to, even the few that were convinced the bully was a genuine friend which lends to the fact the bully is savvy at multi-tasking. They can juggle several avenues of deception at one time.

If there is any sign of weakness the bully is able to infiltrate…tripping work mates off of their game. The dreaded personality initially throws in a wrench by becoming a “so called” close confidant.

Take heart because the office could fight back. One thing office workers can do to dissolve a bully is not give them too much undue attention as they thrive at an audience. The bully sniffs out timidity or slow mental reflexes like a dog to a bone also remember there is strength in numbers.

If the aggressor feels they are outnumbered or equally matched in strength they can’t win and isn’t that the idea? Don’t we just want to work and go home; not handing the trophy off to someone who refuses to grow up, living to get under our professional skin?

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    • Abluesfornina profile image

      S Marie 3 years ago

      Very, very true. Not even one demand because then you have an uphill battle on your hands to regain your spot :). Thanks Me.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      Every office has a bully and sometimes they hide behind a mask of sweetness. The best thing is not to give in to their demands, then they move on to the next victim. Excellent hub.