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Bullion Trade: Choosing Between Silver Panda Vs. The American Silve Eagle

Updated on May 17, 2013
Bullion coins are one way of holding investments. In some regions, they are more popular than the stock market.
Bullion coins are one way of holding investments. In some regions, they are more popular than the stock market. | Source

In addition to gold and silver, the Chinese Silver Panda and the American Silver Eagle are among some of the most traded bullions in the stock market today. The coins can be obtained from a variety of stock markets. However, it is very important that you get a better understanding of these coins first. This will help you determine which one of them is more suitably suited for you.

One of the things that you should note about the Silver Panda and the Silver Eagle is that the former is a Chinese coin while the latter is American.

Silver Panda and Silver Eagle can be compared and contrasted on a number of distinct aspects and characteristics. Below are some of those that are considered to be very important.


The minting of Silver Panda began in Shanghai, China in 1989 but has now spread across to several other cities within the state. The Silver Eagle on the other hand was first released in the market in 1986 in San Francisco. This was done under the Liberty Coin Act that was passed in 1985. Minting of all these bullion is done each year by the respective minting companies.

Front and Rear Designs

The front part of Silver Panda is designed with a picture of the renowned plant and wild life in China that include the Koala tree and panda bear respectively. The rear side bears the design of the Temple of Heaven built in Beijing.

The front part of Silver Eagle bears the design of the ‘Walking Liberty’. The portrait features the Lady Liberty trying to glide towards the sun. On the rear side of the coin, there is a heraldic silver eagle behind a shield. The eagle is on one talon holding an olive branch and arrows on another.

Design Features

If you are a collector interested in various grandiloquent designs, the Panda is the way to go. Minters of the Chinese panda change the design every few years. The ASE on the other hand remains relatively similar with its patriotism-themed designs.

Silver Panda weighs a standard 1 troy ounce that is 99.9% pure Silver. However, there are also other weights produced but cannot be easily obtained outside China depending on the current design. The American Silver Eagle on the other hand weighs 1 troy ounce, is also 99.9% fine silver bullion, and rarely varies in its weight.

Monetary value

The Silver Eagle has same value as one American Dollar while the Silver Panda has got a face value of One Yuan. However, these may at times changed based on certain conditions. Both the coins can be bought individually or in bulk depending on your personal needs. Besides, they can all be purchased for retirement savings or investments in precious stones.

For collectors of these two coins, the single most profound question is which one will gain more in the future.

Critics have opined that the ASE comes at a very high premium rate but gains minimally over time. On the other hand, Pandas have been prone to multiple cases of counterfeiting in the past. Collectors would therefore need to be more careful and ensure that they place their orders only from reputable sellers. The choice between the ASE and the Panda lies squarely on your hands.


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