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Burger King Careers - Apply Online - Information

Updated on December 18, 2011

Burger King Careers

If you are looking for a job or career in the fast food industry, then this website may be able to help you find excellent employment opportunities. The Burger King Corporation provides a whole host of job openings and opportunities on an ongoing basis. They are constantly hiring and looking to fill vacant positions across many of their business operations. Utilizing the online application resources at their official employment website to apply over the internet can save job seekers a tremendous amount of time and effort while being efficient at the same time.

In 1954, the Burger King Corporation was founded and began serving flame-broiled beef hamburgers. In 1957, their world famous whopper sandwich was introduced and the rest they say is history. To broadstroke their employment opportunities, you could break it down into three main categories and are In-Restaurant openings, Corporate career and internships. At their official career website you can learn more about the company philosphy, what type of employees they look for and how to complete the Burger King career application and apply online for positions they are hiring and looking to fill. As you dig into these categories you will find that they actually seek to fill positions and vacancies across several different career areas. Website Information

As you enter their career employment website you will notice a spinning wheel of pictures in the middle of the page. Clicking on one of the pictures takes you to a career information page that gives a little more insight on that particular job category. If you like what you see on these pages you can search for jobs and careers in that particular category. You can also complete the employment application and apply online for most of these openings. Some of the different career fields at the Burger King Corporation include restaurant operations, field operations, franchising, information technology, human resources, internships and more. When you finish learning more about the different position categories and work areas, you may want to peruse the rest of the employment website which includes sections for job search, employment benefits, restaurant locations and videos about current employees.

You can search for a career opening in your area or a location you would like to move to. When you find positions that they will be hiring to fill that meets with your goals, you can follow the instructions on completing the application and apply online. If a particular employment opportunity requires a different type of application, the website will provide current instructions.

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    • profile image

      Leanna Wagner 4 years ago

      It;'s Been Hard To Fill Out The Application.

    • profile image

      Marlene Te Moana 4 years ago

      I really would love to work in BKS.

    • profile image

      Dawn parsons 6 years ago

      I am looking for a deli job or resturant avail anytime.i have two and a half yrs deli exp.thank you

    • profile image

      Sergio luciano 6 years ago

      I am looking for a job at burger king dew to prier expirence. looking forwer to an intreview as soon as posible .thank you

    • profile image

      nicholas jones 6 years ago

      i like burgerking food

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 7 years ago from California

      This is a very good idea for a hub, as so many people are looking for work. I did a employment story about McDonald's, particularly their psychological test, and it's done very well. Later!

    • profile image

      mohd javaid 7 years ago

      i need a job any time. iam 59