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Business 101: How To Start An Internet Cafe

Updated on April 9, 2011

Ever since the launch of the Internet 14 years ago, Internet Cafes has become a booming business. If you are contemplating on how to start an Internet cafe, then you should at least consider some of the important things like business plan, marketing research and strategy, among other things. The good thing when it comes to opening this type of business is you can experiment with different business models to check what type would be suitable for you.

When determining how to start an Internet cafe, there are a lot of business approaches you can choose from. You can go for the ordinary, garden-variety Internet cafe wherein you just provide access to personal computers and laptops. You can also opt to concentrate on serving beverages and delicacies while providing Internet access to laptops and a few computers.

Some cyber cafes have even added computer-training courses in their range of services. Some Internet cafe shops would even offer repair and maintenance service and they would offer you a discount if you get the parts from their retail inventory. There is always the Internet cafe franchising option wherein thngs would be easier as compared to starting up blind. Here is a guide on how to start an Internet cafe.

You cannot just jump into a shark infested water without some preparation, the same goes for people who contemplates on how to start an internet cafe, they should have at least some form of business background. They should have an idea or at least working knowledge on how to read a business plan.

By studying the business plan you can choose what business model, what type of demographics and how much can you invest and projections of return of revenues. The business plan contains everything including the location. Choosing the perfect location is the key for your business to thrive although it has to depend on your target market.

If you have a preferred target market, for example tourists, then it is better to open near hotels or the sights wherein they can upload or scan their digital photos immediately. You can also start an Internet cafe near schools, colleges and malls if you are targeting students and young adults. Incorporating a few marketing tricks will help you how to start an Internet cafe.


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