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Business And Ethics

Updated on December 10, 2010

Ethics defines a large part of our personality, is what determines our behavior, moral values and principles. However, this word is extremely complex, since what may be "good or bad" for one person, it is so different for another. We were educated and trained differently, grew up in an environment and a different family environment, from small grasp the rules according to the way we dictated.

However, how do we relate to business ethics? Every day we go out and face a world different from ours. We believe that we do our job well, we are loyal to others and in our work environment "never" have been the subject of some scandal (fraud, manipulation, espionage, conspiracy, embezzlement).

The problem is when we meet with partners, clients or colleagues that differ from our ethical behavior. In this case, we are carried away by the malicious attitude or decide to keep our position? Here we provide some recommendations.

Ethics and business

As well as King Solomon said, "we must realize that morality is the single most important guiding principle behind everything we do or say, including our work. We are ethical in our side not only staff, and student union, but in our professional dimension. Today many large organizations have a code of ethics.

Ray Cotton says that there are companies that work hard to communicate to their employees, "biblical values" such as: to honor God in everything we do, help people develop, to continue the excellence and grow profitably. Just as journalists should be ethical in reporting, avoiding put into the mouth of a spokesman for anything not said or isolating of objectivity, the entrepreneur, manager and employee must also demonstrate a commitment not only to themselves but also with peers and with the company.

Among some ethical guidelines, Jerry White says in the book "Honesty, morality and conscience," we must be fair in everything we do. In the case of employees, must ask themselves if they really work the whole time and hours to receive the same way the monthly salary. For those who own a business, do you offer the consumer what they promised in the ad? Does the customer is paying a fair for the quality you receive?

White also recommends that it should be "total honesty" to the employees and customers.That is why we must ask ourselves if we are honest enough time to report on our use of time, money management and achievements, for example. Another pattern that this author speaks of "being a servant" in the sense that the business is formed by people who should serve and that, therefore, the value will be in the way needs are met consumer.

We take full responsibility for the actions and decisions we make, the employee must comply with the salary you receive, provided it is worthy of their abilities and skills.


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