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Business Boosting Ideas For Beauty-Hair And Nail Salons

Updated on June 2, 2016
Babbyii profile image

Barb managed a busy trade union office and wrote a regular office management column for the Alaska Journal of Commerce.

Day to day business operations can often get in the way of envisioning a bigger and more productive business.
Day to day business operations can often get in the way of envisioning a bigger and more productive business. | Source

Is Your Business In A Rut?

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Moving Beyond The Regular Business Day

Every small business hits a plateau or a point where they run out of ideas for improvement or business growth. Often day to day operations cloud the vision for the potential of business expansion. It can easily cripple management’s ability to progress pass the everyday pressures to catching a view of a better future for the business. Although this is a common dilemma for businesses large and small, your business can come closer to improving or increasing business growth by asking a series of simple questions related to your business. If you fully do the work of answering the questions, the answers you uncover will reveal what you should consider and what your next steps might be if you are serious about expansion and growth. Instead of being stuck, frustrated and unable to move pass the day to day, you will finally have some options to think about and do further research into. You'll be able to investigate the viability of moving in this or that direction in your business with confidence.

This article will illustrate, two current and viable services that the Beauty, Hair, Foot and Nail Salon businesses can consider offering their clients or customers in order to boost business, profits, and customer retention.

Common Business Practices

Businesses, especially 'big business' make regular use of contractual arrangements in order to expand their foundational base of expertise and their loyal customers.

The classic hometown barber shop is a good example of the all-inclusive, one-stop shop  business model still working in the business world today.
The classic hometown barber shop is a good example of the all-inclusive, one-stop shop business model still working in the business world today. | Source

Observation: Past and Present

There’s a beauty, hair or nail salon on almost every other corner of the world. Women as well as men have been cutting, styling and doing nails from almost the beginning of time. In fact these type businesses like most businesses today started out in someone’s home or garage. We have a long history of taking care of each other’s beauty, hair, nails and other personal care needs. This is true for men as well as for women and children.

In the past, before brick and mortar businesses became the norm, women and girls got their hair, nails, and makeup done at home or at a relative or friend’s home or shop. Anything else that they felt they needed they did there too. Nothing was out of bounds. Shoe shine boys would come into the Barber shops and shine men’s shoes while they got their hair cuts. All inclusive services is not a new practice. It’s used today with the telephone, cable and satellite businesses in the form of bundled services. This is big business taking their cues from the past.

Do You Have A Clear Mission And Goal For Your Business?

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What’s Your Business Mission?

Some of these all inclusive, one-stop shop business ideas still can be of use to you too. Everyone’s in business these days. So you have to do more than just, open your doors and run your business. You have to go over and beyond what everyone else does or what every other business is doing. What that really means is you can’t or you shouldn't compare your business with other businesses - too closely. Their business goals may not be the same as your goals. Their business mission may not be the same as your mission either. Your customers may be asking for something different than your competitor's’ customers are asking for. Who are your customers? Do you serve a different sector than your competitors?

These are questions you need to ask. Your business may have tapped into a segment that your competitors have ignored. So instead of just copying what your competitors are offering, find out what your current customers want. If they've been with you a long while, find out why. Is it loyalty, prices, service, the nice girl at the desk or on the phone or a combination of them all? All of these things are serious selling points to a customer. Don’t suppose that your customer will just take what you are dishing out. Consumers today are savvy and smart. They may be busy people, but they will think nothing of kicking you to the curve and taking their business elsewhere.

Complimentary business services under one roof is an increasing  business practice, or rather a return of what used to be.
Complimentary business services under one roof is an increasing business practice, or rather a return of what used to be. | Source

Business Ideas To Explore

With the growing concern about health, eating healthy and being healthy, your business might try and take that into consideration when you think about what your business will offer it’s customers.

Beauty, hair and nail salons are known to be among the places where customers share some of their deepest secrets. Have they also told you how they feel about their health too? Have they shared that they don’t have enough time to detox their bodies for instance? Have they expressed that they wished that they could get it done at their hair or nail salon or at least while they were doing something else?

Hey! There’s an idea.

Offer a new ionic detox foot bath service along with their regular hair appointment. Customers will thank you for the time saved.
Offer a new ionic detox foot bath service along with their regular hair appointment. Customers will thank you for the time saved. | Source

Detox Foot Bath

Consider adding a foot detox bath as a service that you offer. A foot detox bath is something that can be done for a customer while they are waiting for their hair to dry. The average time for a foot detox bath is about 30 minutes. The typical hair salon customer will probably be under the hair dryer longer than that. Of course you’ll need to work out the details. You may even want to contract that portion of the service out if you don’t want to use your staff of stylists to do that service.

What does using a Detox Foot Bath involve?

The client takes off their socks or stockings and places their feet in a hopefully sanitized basin that contains substances that draw toxins into the water from the feet. Although ionic detox foot baths are still a controversial alternative medicine, a great number of health conscious men and women already do this at home when they get the time. They either use a detox foot bath or use detox pads overnight on their feet. In any case, in order to receive the health benefit you have to actually do it. There are many customers who would welcome the time that they’ll save by getting rid of toxins while they get their hair done.

What you will need

If you plan on doing this using your own staff these are the basics you’ll need:

  • Quality commercial foot bath equipment; the best you can afford.
  • Every staff member should be well trained and know the equipment well enough to insure safety of the customer.
  • A good supply of towels put aside just for this purpose.

Give them a reflexology hand massage before they have their nails done.
Give them a reflexology hand massage before they have their nails done. | Source

Reflexology: Hands And Feet

Another service you could consider is reflexology of the hands or the feet. This would be a great addition to any nail and/or pedicure salon. You’re handling a customer’s hands or feet anyway. This is another service that could again, be done while a customer waits for the nail technician to do their fingernails nails or feet. Getting a reflexology massage for hands or feet done before they get their fingernails nails or feet done, will again save your client or customer time that they often don’t have in their schedule. Again, it may be just business for you, but your customers will thank you for a service that saves them time and adds to their health.

What does reflexology involve?

Reflexology is a type of massage that is usually performed on the hands or feet to relieve pain, tension, anxiety, and illness. It is based on another controversial theory that particular reflex points are directly connected to the various parts of the human body, and by massaging those points, relief and healing is obtained. Most reflexology massage is performed by a technician using their hand to massage the customer’s hand. Sometimes wooden probing type tools are also used.

What you will need

If you plan on doing this using your own staff you’ll need:

  • Someone well trained in reflexology massage.
  • Wooden accessories reflexology tools

Vital Questions To Ask

  1. What Business Are You In?
  2. What else could relate to your business?
  3. Who are your customers?
  4. What do you offer that your competitors don't?
  5. What does your competitor offer that you don’t?
  6. Have your customers ever asked the 'I wish you offered this ______ service question'?
  7. What did you do about it?
  8. Did you bother to research the possibility of such a service? If no, Why not?

What To Do Next

  • Answer the questions
  • Do your research
  • Insure customer safety
  • Check business insurance
  • Investigate potential subcontractors
  • Gather together information
  • Get more information if needed or uncertain
  • Make a decision

Working Out The Details

Remember, you’ll have to do your research and work out the details of whichever services you are considering adding. Do you want your beauty, hair, nail or pedicure staff to do a detox or reflexology treatment in addition to hair, nails and/or feet? If you don’t have the resources to offer anything extra, why not ask another business to offer it? Today there are numerous alternative medicine clinics and spas that do this for a living. Consider calling a few in your area. Ask about a possible collaboration with your business.

Partnering With Another Business

If you have extra space for it, you and another business can come to some agreement about the financial business involved. Don’t haggle too much however, remember that this other business is doing you a favor even though they may claim the bigger portion of the sale. They have the know how, expertise and can begin sooner than you could, if you decided to do it all yourself. You may even consider keeping your cut to a bare minimum, taking as your benefit, the additional customers that they will add to your existing clientèle as your reward for taking a step towards growing your business. In time you may see more of a monetary profit.

Answer The Questions

If you haven’t been frightened off with all the details and these seem like interesting and feasible enterprises to undertake, then start the process. But answer the questions first. make sure you're ready to make a move. The answers to the questions will help solidify your decision to go ahead with the process.

Do Your Research

Then do your research. Do whatever is necessary to insure safety for your customers or clientèle. Check into how it will affect your insurance. It probably will have some effect, but a lot less if you take the appropriate steps of good safety practices and necessary precautions. Insurance companies are very sticky about safety as you should be too.

Know Who You're Doing Business With

Even if you take the subcontract route, you’ll want to know for sure that you’re doing business with a reputable company and that they take your customer's safety as seriously as you do and will value and respect your customers as well.

Obtain Necessary Information

Gather together all the information you think you need to make a good decision. Work it all out on paper or on the computer, maybe using a spreadsheet to work out the the numbers, projections, and other details so you can see what you’re up against. Do whatever makes you comfortable when you're trying to make a wise decision. If that's a list of pros and cons on a yellow ruled pad instead of a computer, do that. Review everything, once, twice, let it sit a few days, then review it again.

Make A Decision

If something doesn't seem or feel right, get additional information about whatever it is that's bothering you. If you're satisfied. Make a decision for or against the new service. If it's a go for the new service, take the steps to make the new service happen. If your decision isn't favorable for the new service, keep working out the kinks until it's satisfactory to you and then move forward with confidence to expand your beauty, hair or nail salon.

Best Wishes For A Better Business !

2015 Barb Johnson (Babbyii)


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    • Babbyii profile imageAUTHOR

      Barb Johnson 

      4 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      Welcome back peachpurple! I noticed that too about nail salons and massage businesses. Smart business people will take notice and use it to their benefit. Thanks for reading my article!

    • Babbyii profile imageAUTHOR

      Barb Johnson 

      4 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      Understood Bill Lol.. I give you a thumbs up just for braving a beauty salon hub. And yes, who would dare go into business today without some type of road map, vision and plan for the venture? Many do however and then are later disappointed when it all falls apart. And they may have had some great ideas with their only flaw being - poor planning.

    • Babbyii profile imageAUTHOR

      Barb Johnson 

      4 years ago from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

      Hi Lady E! I always hope that someone can get more out of an article than the intended purpose. So many things relate to each other, like you say, even if the whole Beauty or Nail Salon idea isn't your interest, you can still get something out of it. Thanks for your helpful input!

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      nail saloon and thailand massage are mushrooming right now

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I think I'll pass on these ideas, but I'm glad you mentioned the mission statement...very important for anyone going into business.

    • Lady_E profile image


      4 years ago from London, UK

      Wow...very useful and detailed. Even if someone had a business idea that wasn't for a Beauty Salon, they would still find it useful. Thanks


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