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Business Breaks along roadside

Updated on March 17, 2012

Apart from lots told about this tiny state of India, Kerala usually have lots of cultures and traditions which are not so common to the outer world. The perfect blend has to be looked upon or experienced.

Most of the sales persons in Kerala have to travel long distances in car or motorbike for their meetings. And be it a state level manager or a territory executive, the “Thattukada” as they call it in their native language is the common business meeting hub. “Thattukada” basically is a small fast food outlet on the roadside which usually operates towards afternoon and runs till midnight. The business objective of such shops is to provide clean and hygienic food and beverages to long distance or night traveler s. Often they are more hygienic and better practiced then some of the renowned restaurant or coffee shops in Kerala. If someone is wondering what dish you can order, then the common picks will be delicious beef fry, chicken fry and tea/coffee. They have lot more to offer, but depends on the location, time and other factors.

Often these places work as a business meeting points.

The advantage over other branded chains of coffee shops and restaurants: -

1. Close to nature. Thattukada is a open shop near the roadside where you can enjoy the scenic beauty, fresh air and nature.

2. Cheap and quality food. Of course Quality Food at less money will tempt everyone.

3. Quick Service. Food is usually semi cooked and the full preparation is done once the order is received.

We had lots of business meetings at “Thattukada”. Business meetings don’t mean signing of big contracts and agreements, but quick review meeting with the team. Follow-up meetings, pre-negotiation deals etc. It is often noted that the quality of such meetings are quite impressive and you are not confined to a boardroom but the nature and so is your thoughts. More to that these Thattukada meetings do lighten things up. Most of the meetings that I am talking over here are small in nature and “not-so-serious” topic s or issues. The blend here is perfect. It’s a break but with an agenda. A perfect place to take a break while you are still in a meeting…


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