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Business Card Magnets

Updated on February 2, 2011

Hello and welcome to this hub that tackles effective business promotion. In here we shall discuss and explore a very specific tool—business card magnets. If you want to make an impression on your customer or customers, these magnetic business cards stick (pun intended). Read on to see why and I hope the end you would have been convinced.

Why business card magnets?

I do not want to sound redundant and corny, but business cards with magnets, do indeed, stick. In fact, if I were to run a card-making business, that would definitely be my slogan. Think about it, of all the business cards you’ve gone through, how many do you think made a lasting impression?

Of course we are not talking about those who are actually interested in what you’re selling or your services to begin with. In fact, I myself am a collector of business cards—especially those that I honestly think I would contact in the future. What we are trying to target are those who are somewhat interested in your product or service but are still not 100% convinced. Aside from them, we are also targeting those who are really, really interested but are looking at similar people—those that are looking for the best deals.

Now, if you were to receive a magnetic business card, what do you think you would do with it? Think about it. What does your instinct tell you? I for one am thinking of putting it on the fridge. How about you? I mean, it’s a magnet for crying out loud, not just a piece of cardboard, so it’s a shame not to put it to use.

In line with that I also thought of two different scenarios. The first is that I am not that interested in what’s written in the card and second, I am really interested. If I’m not interested, I would still put it on the fridge (after all, its useful). Now, if you are familiar with these things, you would know that all pertinent information is up front. I can therefore assure you that even if you did not read it at first, time will come when you have memorized what is written on the card. If the information is at all useful, you will remember it when you need something similar to what’s being offered.

The second scenario is a more obvious one. If I am really interested in the business, I will still stick it on the refrigerator. Now, I’m sure in this scenario, I also got a bunch of cards from similar businesses. If they use the standard cardboard card, I’m pretty sure it will end up somewhere not as visible. Heck, I might even loose it somewhere along the way.

So you see, a business card magnet is a very simple and cost-effective marketing gimmick. If you want one for yourself or your business, there are a number of places you can get such (even online). You can start by checking some of the links surrounding this article for recommended card makers and sellers. Good luck with your quest and business, and I hope this hub (article) has at least been useful.


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