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Business Casual for the Work at Home Professional

Updated on August 13, 2012

work attire

For many years I worked in a corporate environment. Back in the 80's , the dress code for women was a suit or dress with stockings. By the time the 90's came along, we were able to wear pants, and wearing stockings was a personal choice. Then, when 2000 and later, we could wear almost anything. (I mean jeans could be worn outside of dress down Fridays.)

I feel there has to be a balance. Since I work from home, a dress code is not enforced. However, whenever I attend a meeting, I always dress as if I were going on a job interview. If conducting a video conference call, I would put on a suit jacket. There are many ways to look professional, in a classy, comfortable way. I like to have fun with it. You never know who you might meet when you take a break to run errands or grab a bite for lunch..

In my next blog, i will share some of the fun ways I like to dress, as I work from home, but ready to meet a potential client.

Work at home dress code

How often do you as a work at home professional dress up during the week?

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