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Business Fundraising: How to Generate Extra Income For Your Business!

Updated on August 20, 2012

Generating That Extra Needed Income...

In the current economic situation that the world faces, for small business owners and entrepreneurs there has never been a time, when it has been more essential that they generate as much extra income as they can!

Usually, this money goes towards the initial start-up costs and maintenance; however it's becoming increasingly common that these funds are the difference between business closure and success! Especially, when people are becoming less and less attracted to buying in shops, in comparison to buying online which is both cheaper and in a lot of cases much more efficient.

This Hub will present to you a brilliant remedy to your business funding illness, and show you how you can kick start your business up using online fundraising websites!

Fundraising Air Balloons.

All credit for this image goes to Creative Commons via.
All credit for this image goes to Creative Commons via. | Source

Get Involved With "Go Get Funding"!

The best way to actually begin generating any income or "funds" is to sign up and create your own fundraising website from On the site, you will be able to create your own fundraising campaign, and people will be able to donate to your cause within minutes of signing up!

However, you should note that people aren't going to donate to an organisation which has a negative effect on society or is "undesirable". Therefore, before you create your fundraising campaign, you should think if people will want to invest in your business' success!

Especially, if your business is based around sensitive issues with people or topics which some users may find inappropriate.

Online Fundraising for Your Business!

So now that you have created an account, and maybe even created a campaign for raising some funds for your business, you should know what donation usually look for before sending any money...

  • Authentic and reliable - Most people will only invest money into something that they feel is both reliable and authentic. If there is ever a question within the investors mind as to whether this money wouldn't be going to the cause they are trying to support, they will back out simply because it wasn't trustworthy. Try to make sure that your fundraising campaign is as honest and reliable as possible, before trying to raise any funds.
  • Success and meaningful - People feel almost involved and an 'important aspect' of a business that they invest in, especially if it is successful and prospering. So, to urge more people to want to donate to your business cause, you should be working hard on making your potential for success as high as possible! Another thing which they feel is important is that the business that you are trying to get funds for has some sort of 'higher' meaning, than just a scheme to make a lot of money.
  • Rewards, rewards and more rewards! - One of the most essential parts to your fundraising website/campaign becoming successful is if you offer a reward or service to those who donate. Whatever extra motive you can find to get people to donate to your cause is going to be hugely profitable to your business, especially when people are willing to invest more when they are going to get something back for it!

These are the fundamentals to how fundraising works... People see something that they truly believe in, and feel inclined to give a small chunk of money to their cause of choice. After giving this donation, they then feel a great sensation of self-worth and value, which leads them onto being better people and feeling better about themselves.

With this in mind, you should make sure that any business that you want to promote for donations and extra funding, should utilise what people want to gain from donating, so that a vast amount of people wish to invest in your business!

Some Great Tips of Web and Social Networking Fundraising.

Thanks to DIYFundraising for this awesome, useful video.


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