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9 Online Business Grand Opening Ideas

Updated on February 25, 2015

When it comes to opening any new business, having a grand opening event is an absolute must!

We all know that for a physical storefront, you would likely have flashy lights, large inflatables, huge banners with the words “Grand Opening” and other festivities to attract attention and customers to the new business.

When it comes to an online business, you can’t exactly do these things, so what are some grand opening ideas for an online business?

Online Business Presence

One of the key factors of having a successful online business is having a large online business presence. This does not stop at creating a professional-looking website, either! You must advertise through many different avenues and even hand out some business cards locally to get that online traffic flowing.


Anyone can create a website and kick their feet up waiting for business, but it simply does not work this way. You need a grand opening! Here’s some grand opening ideas for having an online business:

  • Raffles: Advertise a raffle for a significant discount or a free product off your site, and provide an online form for customers to fill out to be entered. Also, use this as an opportunity for people to opt in to be placed on a mailing/email list for future sales, offers, and promotions! Be sure to collect names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers, or any other information that would help you to promote your business. Also, be sure to make it clear when the drawing will be held, how the winner will be announced.

  • First 50: Advertising “first 50 customers” promotions, or however many customers, is a great way to get some traffic flowing to that website! First 50 people get free shipping on any order, first 100 get 20% off, first 5 customers get a bonus item with a $50 purchase, and so on.

  • Grand Opening Discount: Offer a discount for your products or services for people who sign up for them on the day of or for the duration of the grand opening only.

  • VIP Clubs: Have a sign up for a VIP club where people earn points based on purchase and have exclusive access to special promotions, deals, and discount codes. Offer double points for all purchases during the grand opening event, and a small discount for signing up, such as a $5-$10 coupon.

  • Weekend-Long or Week-Long: Most physical stores will have a single-day or a two-day event, which works well when you have passing traffic and flashing lights but the only traffic you will have in an online business is the traffic that you draw in. This means that you should expect to have a longer grand opening event in order to increase exposure.


Advertising Tips

I’ve stressed the word “advertise” quite a bit throughout this article, but if this is your first rodeo, you might need a few pointers! Here’s some advertising tips to use in conjunction with your grand opening ideas.

  • Advertise “Coming Soon”: You should never wait until you open your virtual doors to begin advertising. The key is getting the word out well before the projected opening date! Purchase your domain, set a firm opening date, and advertise “coming soon” along with the date of the grand opening!

  • Social Networking: When it comes to online marketing, social networking can be your best friend and business partner. The best thing is that most of it is FREE! Utilize websites such as Twitter and Facebook to make a business page and start with family and friends. A clever way on Facebook to gain new “likes” and followers is by making a funny, sharable “meme” which is a picture with words, whether it’s a good quote or something entirely relevant to your business that people would want to share. Likewise, “Like my page, share this photo, and comment your favorite color to be entered into a drawing for our grand opening!” tend to work well to get the word out!

  • Banner Advertising: Advertising your website and grand opening using Google Advertising is a terrific way to really sprinkle your name around the world. Go to Google AdWords at to sign up, choose your budget, target your audience, create your ad and Google will do the rest! Seems pretty easy, right?

  • Use Buzz Words: Key words in advertising are crucial for targeting the right audience for your products, but as far as ads for grand openings go, you will surely want to have the words grand opening, and any words indicating a good deal: Sale, blowout, discount, free, and anything that might draw people to your site to see what the big deal is all about!

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Open for Business!

Getting a new online business off the ground takes a lot of work, time, effort, money, and patience.

The more you put into your business, the more you will get back out of it in the long run.


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