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Business Ideas 4

Updated on July 21, 2009

Fibreglass Moulding Business

Consider the applications in the building industry

Another interesting idea which has not been tested but could prove to be an extremely valuable contract if someone were to tackle it, is to create a fibreglass weather cover for an airconditioning unit similar to the theory of a pool pump cover.

This airconditioning plant fibreglass cover would be able to be painted the same color as the building and in effect improve the aesthetics of a property.

Consider obtaining a contract to supply these airconditioning covers to an airconditioning supplier or installer. Most buildings that have external airconditioning compressor units could do with the invisibility that it creates when the unit blends in with the building.

The materials used for the business are very cheap to source and the profit margins are great.All you need is a space to do it. So its worth going along to wikipedia and getting some lessons in fibregalss moulding or even go along to your local autobody repair shop for a few pointers.

Making moulds from Fibreglass

Another useful work from home business idea for those who don't mind getting a little dirty and also for those who enjoy working and crafting with their hands.

A vast number of industries can be entered by learning a few basic ways to work with fibreglass.

Cornicing the areas where the ceiling of a house meets the walls is a common place to use moulds that are blended and painted to decorate ones home.Once you have built a mould, it is fairly simple to continue with the reprodcution process and once one job has been done and photograhed, it is easy to prove quality workmanship. Even if you only choose to make the mould, there are enough diy enthusiasts and self employed artisans who would appreciate a good and reasonably priced supplier.


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