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Business Name Idea #7: Auction Rage

Updated on June 23, 2011

It could be yours...

Auction Rage is the ultimate domain name for someone looking to start a business online in the field of auctions. It has multiple potential uses, and the name rolls right of the tongue. And we all know when it comes to having a business name, you want something catchy and easy to remember

So lets go over some of the many business ideas you could use that would help Auction Rage bring success into your life.

What would you do with a domain name like Auction Rage?
What would you do with a domain name like Auction Rage? | Source

Online Auctions

This business idea is obviously the first thing most would think of. I can just see it now:

"Auction Rage - Home of the Best Online Auction!"

With such a cool business name, you could easily identify with the current popularity of online auctions, as well as capturing the new age lingo of those who are already swarming places like ebay, godaddy and ubidz. 

This business idea alone, could give a huge number of options for a business. You could focus on penny auctions, car auctions, real estate, merchandise, art, appearal, pet clothes, books, computer programs, jobs, domain names or you could do what ebay does and auction it all!

The world is your oyster with Auction Rage under your belt.

Auction Hunter News & Reviews

Being that auctions are all the rage, it would be great to have a site out there that focused on auction news and reviews. Showcasing new sites. Reviewing the good, bad and ugly. You could cover a specific niche of auctions, or I would go for covering them all. It would probably be a full time job to do so, but you could easily gain a lot of money in advertising revenue from auction sites who can't wait to get their banner on your site and who will fight for a decent review from your honest reviewers.

To make the biz and even bigger hit, you could have two sections - your reviews and peer reviews. This would give people a chance to participate in the action, help others get to know the sites out there and also give testimonials to the sites doing well.

Premade Auction Site Kits

I actually came up with the idea for the domain name "" when I was searching for a way to build my own online auction site. Most of the good auction site names are already taken, and I wanted something that wasn't a mouthful to say, and something that could catch attention. If you've hung out with the young adults of today, or current teenagers, you'll notice that the word "rage" is all the rage lately.

It carried multiple meanings, some of which include: having a great time, being excited, cool, being passionate or even romantic. It's mostly used in sentences like "We should go rage tonight" or "We raged at that dudes house" or even "Last night was so rage!"

It might not always make sense for those who haven't found a way to "rage" their vocab, but the word is gaining in popularity and will probably find it's new definitions in the dictionary soon enough.

So after coming up with the ultimate name for an auction website, I went searching for weeks trying to figure out how to start my own online auction site, only to find that it's not something easily done yet. Especially if you're not a computer programmer.

After finally giving in to the fact that I don't have the skills to hand make an auction site, nor do I happen to be in connection with the right geek to make it happen, I finally decided that this business idea needed to be sent out into the world, so that it could find a home with the right person. So if you happen to be an html guru, and you want to start up a business that could bring you a fortune and help others do the same, you would be wise to create a site that sells premade auction sites.

And no, I'm not talking about the dinky auction templates. I feel into a couple of those and realized there was still a lot of work that would have to be done to get it into even a slightly manageable format. This business should be one made for the masses. Just as there are thousands of websites now pretty much giving away websites, you should create a business that sells auction sites. Make them customizable like a website. Make it affordable enough that at least the middle class can grab hold of it, and it won't be long before you find yourself a leader among internet entrepreneurs.

Anti-Auction Sites

Just as there will always be those that want to shout their praises to certain sites, there will also always be those who want a place where they can jeer and joust against sites they don't like. So if you want to get out there and be a little different with a domain name like, you could easily create an anti-auction site, that focuses on the evils of online auctions, or simply just showcasing bad reviews and user complaints.


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