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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 10

Updated on May 5, 2011

Your job – I know what your thinking. “What is a topic on ‘your job’ doing in a page on business ideas? The reason I’m here in the first place is because I don’t want to do anything with my job!”

Well one of the reasons your here is because you want to earn some money. Let me suggest an idea for the sake of discussion.

Suppose you were to continue working in the best paying job you could possibly get today, for the next 5 years in the best way you possibly could. Where would you reach? What would your income look like? Would you be earning enough money to invest substantially?

Suppose you were working in sales or in an investment bank, and the opportunity to grow is abundant and you know it(I know what I'm talking about here - I work in a premier global investment bank and really hard work can get you to financial independence in 5-7 years...all be it with high blood pressure at age 32). Suppose you gave it everything you had for the next 5 years where would it get you in the organisation?

You see money, every single dollar, has the capability to work for you once you own it. Even if you decide to let it rot in a savings account for 2.5% interest, you still make 2.5% on the money in the account doing absolutely nothing. Money is one of the best employees you could have. If you could earn enough money to invest heavily in good high return investments so that you could live on the interest and dividends or rent of real estate invested in, wouldn’t that be a great step to being financial independent?

To make this decision you have to sit yourself down and honestly calculate how much you could earn in 5 years in that best paying job and how much you could earn running a business for the next 5 years.Of course you need to factor in the risk in running a business and the fact that you don’t like your job too much. The point is: don’t write off your job if it can still get you to where you want to go.

Crowdsourcing - Are you in desperate need of a quick buck? Well the crowdsourcing work portals may be just what you need. Crowdsourcing according to Wikipedia is “the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor to an undefined, large group of people or community (a "crowd"), through an open call. Any internet user can volunteer to complete the task for a fee.

Sites like amazon’s and provide workers with several tasks (called HITS) that they can work on to get paid a small amount of money per task. These tasks are normally ones that would be extremely difficult for a computer to perform but extremely easy for a human to perform. Tasks such as identifying whether a picture represents a dog facing forward.

The reason such tasks are given to the general public is because it would be cheaper than having to hire full time employees to get this kind of job done. Since each task would only pay very little, the only way to generate income is to work on several tasks a day which can get pretty monotonous. Also this type of income is active and the minute you stop working your income ceases. Sounds like just another ‘job’ to me.

But if you like little puzzles and tasks just to spend some time or as a brain teaser then this may be what your looking for. Try it out. These are free to join.

Be sure to check out more business ideas at the links mentioned below.


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