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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 11

Updated on May 5, 2011

Office and Stationery services – There are plenty of small firms and retail outlets in every town and city. These aren’t big corporate houses that have a regular need for printers, faxes, scanners photocopying and binding machines etc. But every one of these would need these services occasionally. You could be the one providing them with this solution.

All of the required equipment is relatively inexpensive. You could provide all these outlets with such services if you can create the capital to purchase this equipment. You could even offer pickup and delivery services to make sure your customers come only to you.

The best way to get the word around about your services would be handing out flyers, newspaper ads and talking to small retail outlets and law firms and accounting firms in and around your area.

You wouldn’t even need to rent out prime floor space for a shop since you will be picking up and delivering your goods from your residence. You could have the entire setup right at home. Nowadays you have photocopying machines that can work as printers and scanners as well, so it isn’t likely to suck up too much space at home either. Once the business gets off the ground and you have a reasonably loyal group of customers, get someone trained to do the job under your supervision.

Make sure you retain the same kind of regular contact with all your customers even when you have appointed an employee. Once the trained employee has gotten a hang of the job you should move on to servicing another neighbourhood too. If necessary hire more employees. The objective is to grow it into a large business with loyal customers.

Forex Trading – One of the fastest growing trading markets for retail investors is the foreign exchange market. The basic concept behind forex trading is that you buy an appreciating currency and later sell it for more units of another currency.

The concept is simple but just as in trading stocks it’s better to learn how to swim before you jump into the water. A little education is always good before testing your knowledge in the markets. Some brokers even provide you with simulation kits that allow you to try out the markets in simulation mode before actually betting money.

One of the benefits of forex trading is that many brokers can provide you with hefty trading ratios which mean they can match every dollar you trade in with several more dollars hence increasing your returns while not losing more than your margins.

For beginners, all you have to do is choose which two currencies you want to make a deal with on Forex. You choose the amount of the deal you'd like to make (called the "volume"). You make a deposit to provide the collateral needed for the deal which is called the "margin." In most cases, this is just a fraction of the overall amount of the deal. For example: 1% or 1:100. Some brokers even allow you the option to "freeze" the deal for several seconds before you actually finalise it. Freezing allows you to adjust the terms or to accept them as they are. You can also call the off the whole thing and cancel the deal.

While your deal is still running, you have what is called an "open position." This means that you're able to follow your deal's status and scenarios online at any time. You can make changes to the deal's terms, or you can simply cancel it and either pocket any profits, or minimize any losses.

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