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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 12

Updated on May 5, 2011

Franchising – You want to setup a proper brick and mortar shop to provide a product or service for sale. You don’t have a product or service and whats worse you don’t have a clue in the world on how to set the whole business up. Fret not, that is where Franchising comes into the picture.

Brands that are already well established would want to expand to other markets or locations. They often do this by allowing another individual (read: you!) to use their already established brand name and processes to sell the product but promising the franchising company a fixed royalty regularly.

Here the franchisor will train you and give you all the know how to setup your own outlet although you will have to follow the franchisor’s regulations and cough up some capital. The downside here is that you won’t be able to obtain a franchise of a large well known brand like Mc Donald’s or KFC without shelling out a hefty sum. Not exactly a low investment opportunity right? Wrong!

Although the best brands do charge high royalty and fees, you can start off your franchising career with smaller lesser known brands. You will still get some sort of support. Just make sure the brand is something you wish to carry and the support and training is sufficient. Websites like can help you locate and contact smaller franchise opportunities which could be the perfect launch pad for you.

Commodities Trading – The commodity market is a market where primary products are traded. Commodity trading is one of the oldest forms of trading.

In order to trade in commodities similar to stock trading in a stock exchange, you will need to go to a commodities exchange. Let’s use an example to explain the concept. Suppose you feel the price of say silver is likely to go up in the future. So you decide to buy some silver bars and store them and wait for the prices to go up, after which you will sell the silver.

Now this is one way you could do it. The other is through a commodities exchange. Here’s how. You could buy a silvers futures contract. Now the futures contract simply means that you intend to buy an amount of silver at a pre determined agreed time at a pre determined agreed price, both specified in the futures contract. And here all you have to do is buy the silver at the date of the expiry of the contract at the specified price, by which time if all works out as you had predicted you should be able to buy the silver at lower than market price and sell it at a higher price(being the current market price). Here you didn’t have to take delivery of the silver and bother storing it to make the profit. What’s more! You could even sell off the contract before its expiry which releases you from honouring the contract at the expiry date.

Just as in a stock exchange you will be get information regarding the futures prices at the commodity exchanges. Again just as in stock trading, you need to make sure you have a decent education before diving in. Lack of knowledge could be painful.

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