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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 13

Updated on May 5, 2011

Blogging – So we talked about websites and paid surveys and paid to click ads but the world of making money online would be incomplete without blogs.

Blogs are extremely cheap to setup and there are several platforms out there that allow you to setup a blog for free. And let’s remember that just like a website a well updated blog can garner a good deal of traffic and if properly monetised can make you some good passive income.

At this point it has to be mentioned that if you want to make some serious money, you would need to pay a little cash and get your own blog because many of the free to use blog portals restrict your ability to freely promote whatever you want to.

You will also need to figure out what to blog about. Just as in websites, dominating a niche is one of the keys to success. Your domain name should be as close to your theme as possible to ensure it helps in getting you the some traffic from search engines.

Much of the search engine optimisation techniques such as getting sufficient back links, good profitable keywords, useful content all apply to blogs in the same way as they apply to websites.

Retail ecommerce website – What would you call good sale? For a sale to be a real win-win situation you have to have solved a problem for someone by selling him/her your product. The person who bought your product is happy and so are you.

If you would like to build a website that is meant primarily for the retail of a particular product make sure you offer to visitors of your website more than just the product. For example if your looking to sell fish food, build your website around everything a reader would need to know about fish food and keep it updated, lively and interactive with forums where you help answer questions.

Don’t let your desire to make a sale be the first impression that a visitor gets when he enters your website. Instead help them solve their problem with information and once they realise what they need, direct them to a product that you offer.

Always remember to solve the problem for the customer. Thats just as important as making a sale. You can have a professional build the website for you or get it done yourself with a website building kit but ensure receipt of payments and the shopping cart facility is safe, secure and effective. Although its fine to start off yourself once you make a little money you could re invest it in having a professional professionalize your website.

In regard to stock, you could either maintain the inventory at a location owned by you or you could have manufacturers or wholesalers directly ship products to customers (the cheaper and easier route but less profitable). Always remember to re invest your profits to expand the business and offer more products to customers.

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