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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 14

Updated on May 5, 2011

Photography and stock photos – Do you have a talent for photography? Do you forget time when your out and about snapping masterpieces? Well then this may be just the opportunity for you to make a good income.

Enter stock photos. People all over the world setup websites. And we all know pictures bring the life into a webpage. Where do these photographs come from? From people like you of course! You would be submitting your photographs to websites with databases of photos for the public to purchase. But make sure you understand the terms clearly. You wouldn’t want to end up submitting your snaps to a website that wouldn't pay you for your woork if earning a living is what your looking for.

Just as in websites and blogs, always try to master a niche and build a reputation for yourself. The more photographs you have on display the more the chances of a snap away.

Most of these websites will not allow the customers to buy the photograph; instead they are allowed to use it for a small fee. This ensures that your photographs are always up there earning passive income for you on a regular basis.

Lead generation – Every business needs to sell its products and services. One of the most important aspects of any business is the generation of leads or potential customers who show an interest in the idea or product.

Let’s assume you have a website on nutrition. You provide good expert advice on a regular basis and have generated good traffic and you’re seen as an expert on the subject. You also provide a link in your website to a nutritional supplement manufacturer on your website for those of your visitors who may be interested in buying certain nutritional products recommended by you. You can keep a tab on how many readers choose to visit the manufacturer’s website from your website. These customers are potential customers and you can monetise on them by entering into an agreement with the manufacturer for all customers you direct to their website.

This method of lead generation can be used for just about any subject from financial products to pet food to real estate. It all depends on the niche your website caters to.

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