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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 16

Updated on May 5, 2011

Write a book – Most people are going to read the title of this idea and just skip over it. Yes writing a book is a very old idea but it still makes absolute sense.

If you have a good way of putting things on paper and can attain the level of expertise on a subject required through research, then writing a book is a fantastic idea. Let me reiterate that it is in no way easy. Writing a book may take months or years of consistent effort. Once ready you also would need to get publishers to print your book and they would be willing to do so only if they feel the book will sell so you may have to do a lot of convincing.

All said and done it is not an easy task. But once completed and if successful can provide you a steady source of royalty income for the rest of your life. One popular book also makes ‘you’ popular which allows for a ready market for your next publication. Hard work put in consistently for a period of time can help you reap lifelong benefits. Think about it.

If writing a book is not your cup of tea, but you still have some useful information that you can share, you might consider creating an eBook  for sale.

Motivational and personal development speaker – Today more than ever people and companies are paying to have themselves and their teams exposed to new perspectives. Motivational speakers generally have the ability to allow people to look at a situation differently and act differently to create a more positive result or outcome.

 This kind of profession is not for everyone. Although it does not take too much initial investment to get started, you will have to advertise your services to corporates and the general public depending on your preferred target audience. It’s also essential to make sure you have sufficient original thought provoking information and ideas rather than merely recycled and repackaged data. 

Constant reading, learning and thinking is how you would first need to grow before you help others grow. Being the philosophical type can help. Although it can be a bit difficult and time consuming to develop a reputation in the market as someone who really adds value, once you get there, there is really no turning back and the rewards are quite good. Often speakers publish books on the subject that also helps in enhancing their popularity and their message reaches a larger audience.

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