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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 17

Updated on May 5, 2011

Cook a cake – Have you noticed that almost everybody likes cakes? Have you also noticed that every Mom and Grand mom knows how to bake one? The point is it’s not that difficult to bake a cake, and to be successful in the cake business you don’t necessarily have to be able to make highly decorated cakes.

Most people love simple homemade cakes and if you are able to cater to this market you could be looking at good profits. It is always essential that before starting this business you assess the potential demand for such cakes primarily with households since corporate would want the more decorated types.

If you see a good potential demand and you have developed a standardized procedure to bake these simple cakes, you might just be on to something big. Of course this is only the beginning. Soon as you begin to grow the business you could venture into more complex cake recipes and other types of bakery items as well hence expanding your client group and profits.

Mystery shopping – Do you love shopping and dining? Would like to get paid to do it? Well maybe Mystery shopping is for you. Mystery shoppers are hired by retail outlet owners to visit their shops as ordinary nondescript customers and report to them on customer service, any issues they face and quality of the product or service.

Keen observation is a major necessity here to be able you to appraise the service offered and provide a detailed helpful report to the owners. Ability to clearly communicate your experience is also essential. In most cases you will be provided with a set questionnaire to provide your feedback.

Mystery shopping is carried out at clothes and accessories outlets, restaurants, hospitals etc. No experience or equipment is required. You just need to get out there every day shop!

Article sales – Is there a writer in you? Portals like Elance allow you to explore yourself in the art of writing and make money in the process.

Although writing is something that everyone gets a little lazy about, maybe it is an area you might really enjoy once you try it. Websites like Elance allow you to write up articles for pay. Once you register with Elance as a contractor you would need to fill out your profile with details of your areas of expertise and writing accomplishments if any. This allows businesses to scan through and find the best contractor for their job. You can also bid for tasks put out by other clients.

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