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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 18

Updated on May 5, 2011

Outsourcing – We all know how big a success outsourcing has been. Outsourcing tends to make completing a function or task cheaper and often better in quality as the outsourcing firm is usually a specialist at that task. Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean that the task needs to be performed at another country, but can be performed in the same country at a cheaper price by a specialise third party.

Now what does this have to do with you? What is your primary responsibility at work? Do you have a special skill or a deep understanding in a particular field? Would it be possible for you to have that function conducted for several companies by a third party firm...your own firm?

For example if you work as an IT support engineer with in depth knowledge in a particular highly popular “no sight of dying soon” software, would it be possible to specialise in that field and provide your services to more than one company, after having setup your own firm? Maybe you could start your own company that provides this service to other companies?  Or consider if you are an equity research analyst? Are you great at it? Or could you become great at it if you tried? If yes you could probably setup an equity research firm.

Of course in the beginning you might have to give out some free research to get your name out but if you’re really good, it could click. Only this time you give your services to not just one company but to several companies and especially smaller brokerage firms who can’t afford to have their own research departments. I’m sure you know more than me how far that can take you....maybe the next big financial research firm. Don’t ever think that’s impossible. You probably just don’t know yet that you are more than capable of doing it.

Master of ceremonies (MC) – Do you know how to hold a crowd’s attention. Can you be entertaining and yet informative? Do you love facing a lot of people on stage and keeping them occupied?

As MC you would be hosting all kinds of events from weddings to corporate events. Although there is plenty of scope for an MC to grow a large practise, it tends to become a little difficult to find and train new talent to expand the business.

To begin as an MC it would be best to get in touch and maintain contact with event management companies and event planners and corporates to let them know your services are available. Once you are able to develop a good reputation in the market, there is really no stopping you.

Apart from yourself and your oratory skills, there is little else you need to bring to the table except a good suit.

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