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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 19

Updated on May 5, 2011

Internet Kiosks – There are some parts of the world where internet kiosks are quite common. But plenty of cities and towns exist where these kiosks can still be setup.

These are basically stand alone units in malls and other sheltered locations that allow any users access to an internet enabled terminal. This could be for a quick look up of a map, or more details regarding their shopping. Although mobile phones can do a good job of mobile access to the internet, a large terminal is definitely more comfortable.

The way you would earn is not by charging the users. The kiosk will be totally free for the users. The money will come from selling advertising space on the kiosk. Most of the advertising space would be right in front of the user for the entire time that he/she uses the kiosk. It also works out as a good source of passive income. Once you setup these kiosks all you will be doing is checking every once in a while if the system still works fine. Once you have your first kiosk your free to setup new ones all over the place to maximise your ad revenue.

Innovative....or just downright weird – Ever heard of Beer and cake? Not a cake with beer as an ingredient, but a pub that serves only beer and cake. In my part of the world that is one of the weirdest combinations you could possibly consider. But the amazing thing is it has really clicked and is doing brisk business.

The idea of the bottoms up beer dispenser which can fill up pints of beer up to 9 times faster than traditional bartenders will get people to come to a hang out just to watch the beer getting filled. What’s even cooler is that the beer gets filled in from the bottom of a plastic cup...with seemingly no hole in the bottom.

If we let our imagination go free, the weirdest things could actually end up making money. Of course if we think it’s weird we probably wouldn’t try the business idea out in the first place but that’s the whole point. People never gave it a try because the idea was so weird and when someone finally did, it just seemed cool and new to everybody.

India has one of the most value conscious populations you might find. You probably guessed that from our rock bottom telecommunication service prices, the cheapest car in the world (Tata Nano) etc. People generally fight to get more by paying less (not necessarily a good thing). With those kinds of demographics it really wouldn’t make sense to setup a coffee shop with good ambience but terribly overpriced coffee and snacks. But what do you know; Cafe Coffee Day which had its first outlet setup in 1996 is the largest cafe chain in the country today spanning almost every major city and town. There were so many people willing to spend that kind of money but nobody really foresaw that.

Give it a try. If there’s been something on your mind but you felt the idea might be too weird to be a success you should probably consider doing a bit more research about it. It just might be your ticket to success.

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