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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 3

Updated on May 5, 2011

Freelance Sales – Are you a born salesman, or do you think you can become one? Well if your not sure why not try it out? There are many direct selling companies out there who would be willing to hire salespeople on a commission only basis. There are also several companies who sell their products through the normal wholesale-retail route but also hire commission only salespeople. You need to make sure that you have an interest and a passion for the product that you are going to sell. you can't sell it if your embarrassed to talk about it. It would also make sense for you to have used the product to be able to recommend it to others.

You get to work on your own terms and get paid only if you make a sale. Its a great way to find out if you have it in you to be a master salesman, and with little risk to you since you don’t have to quit your regular job while you experiment.

Although a commission only sales job is not for everyone, you may never know if it is for you unless you try it out. As Zig Ziglar said "Sales is the highest paying most difficult job and the lowest paying easiest job". There really is no bar to how much you could earn. If you do well you could probably expand to setting up your own retail outlet for the product and from there who knows where you might reach.

Grocery delivery service – Especially in major cities its becoming more and more difficult to get the time to go to the grocers for those essential supplies that are much needed but a pain to go and get. Why not help people out by providing them with a grocery delivery service.

It would make sense to carefully chart out the area you wish to cater to, and advertise through flyers in the neighbourhood. You can charge a commission for your services. In the beginning your primary expense is likely to be fuel, so make sure you plan out your delivery plan and timing to make sure you reach the maximum households with minimum travel.

Later as your clientele grows you may reach a stage where it would make sense to order directly from wholesalers or manufacturers in bulk to increase your margins and transfer some of the benefits of lower cost to your customers.

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