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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 4

Updated on May 5, 2011

Affiliate marketing – So you don’t have a product to sell? That’s fine. You can sell other people’s products. Affiliates allow you to take a portion of the sales proceeds if someone you refer ends up purchasing their product. Normally you would have a website of your own on which you can place the link to the affiliate’s product.

But you can still make affiliate sales without a website. This could be through product review articles on Ezine or with the affiliate link, or by participating in forums about the topic of the product and then offering the product to other members who may be in need. The idea is to provide people with enough information for them to make a clear decesion as to whether they should buy the product or not. Providing information also sets you up as an expert on the ssubject and hence someone who knows what he's talkign about. Its always best to have used the products you recommend so you will be convinced of its usefulness when you recommend it to others.

Sites like and are well known affiliates.

Another way you can promote an affiliate business is through youtube. Videos put up explaining the product and its benefits can act as a passive advertisement that is always up for potential customers to find. Make sure you have a good look at what kinds of videos are appealing rather than just sitting in front of your webcam and reading out a script.

Delivery Service (for almost anything) – Almost all restaurants have a delivery service for customers who like to order their food home. Usually each of these eateries has their own fleet of delivery people.

Why not use the technique of outsourcing to save them the trouble of maintaining this delivery team. Why not setup a delivery team of your own that would make deliveries for several restaurants in an area. The restaurants then no longer need to go through the hassle of maintaining a separate delivery team. Using your services can also possibly make it cheaper for them and they and their customers get more specialised service.

And once the service picks up steam you could expand it to domains other than food delivery. That could mean delivery of small articles for companies, stationary for households, groceries, supplies for hotels, clothes for dry cleaning and the laundry services, newspaper and magazine delivery, small parcel delivery and the list could go on.

Your imagination could open up a lot more opportunities.

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