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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 5

Updated on May 5, 2011

Merchant bulletin board – This would only work if you have a group of net savvy pro active merchants. Let me explain the concept with an example:

Suppose a potential customer for hardware goods wants to buy a particular type of hammer from the market but doesn’t know where to get the best one for the best price. He proceeds to login to the internet and visits “your” merchant bulletin site and simply posts the query on an online public notice board.

From here the message about the potential customers query is forwarded to hardware merchants all over the city wither through email or text messages. The merchants can then respond to the customer with their best offers.

The benefit to the customer here is obvious. He just posts a query and gets the merchants all over the city to compete for a sale without even leaving his bedroom. The customer now is at a position to bargain for the best price and service. And for the merchants, its an opportunity to show case their offers. This especially helps those merchants that can’t afford to be located in prime locations but still would like to let their offers be known. Merchants that would otherwise not be visible to the customer now have a chance to reach them.

Now let’s come to you. You can make an income through ad revenues on the notice board or through small commissions either for the sales lead or for the actual sale when made. Although your commissions will be small per sale or per lead you can be sure these will add up as time goes by and the portal becomes popular. Another way to increase profits is to extend the notice board to merchants selling all kinds of products.

Car/House/Corporate cleaning service – The cleaning service is one service everyone will always need. The key here is to make sure you’re pricing and quality is the best in the market, which is not too difficult.

If you haven’t worked in the cleaning service industry before, it would make sense to get a good idea about the type of materials and consumables required. Especially with cars, you don’t want to damage your client’s car because of the wrong kind of shampoo. 

Gradually you would need to start expanding the business by hiring more employees and training them to get the job done right. Once you’re comfortable supplying cleaning teams to houses and for cars, next you could look to offering your services to corporates although this would require a little more investment in equipment

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