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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 6

Updated on May 5, 2011

Real estate – In several parts of the world it is way too risky to invest in real estate unless you have a sufficiently large amount of backup capital. But in some other countries, thanks to innovative financing options, real estate does not need to be perceived as an out of reach opportunity.

Real estate can generate income through rent, capital gains by selling off land/building at a profit (flipping) or can be held for appreciation. Either way a sufficient amount of research needs to be done before beginning to play.

One of the major reasons real estate investments are seen as risky by the general public is due to the lack of readily available and verifiable information on the sector. In the beginning it would be best to invest with the help of someone more experienced before going at it alone. All said and done, real estate provides one of the best sources of passive income. Once you have developed serious skills in the real estate sector you might even consider becoming a real estate agent.

Vending machines – There are plenty of vending machines all over the place in the cities of Japan and the USA. These machines could be vending anything from soft drinks to newspapers to pharmaceutical drugs. But cities in other countries like India and China hardly have any vending machines when compared to cities in countries like Japan.

This means there is a huge scope for vending machines in these cities. The key is finding those spots in busy places with high footfall like malls where sales are bound to happen.

Of course there is an initial investment of purchasing the vending machine and installation and maintenance. Apart from that, the machine should do the rest of the selling. Again to generate a decent enough income you may need to put up more than one or two vending machines over time. If the costs of purchasing a vending machine are too high, you can also consider hiring them out on rent or lease.

Depending on the location of the vending machine, security too needs to be considered.

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